appear Niger

12 septembrie 2011

The card is firm thin the third son appear Niger
Cite Niger Secretary of Justice later on according to the Reuter’s reached the words of Mu to say, Sa the Di have already got into the territory of Niger.Mini Wireless Keyboard

Reach Mu to say, Sa Di of with go escort to totally have 8 people, originally is plan to go to central part city in Niger add virtuous, Niger soldier, who is patroled in the frontier region of Niger, intercepts.This front of Niger didn’t acquire any Sa the Di will enter of information.Currently, plan in Niger on the 12th or the 13th Sa the Di wait for someone to send to Ni in the capital city Asia and America.

In card a few firm thin sons, the second son match righteousness man Yi Si’s pulling Mu is been generally accepted to tie to thinly inherit a person but be paid attention to most for the card by the external world.Sa the Di then pull the younger brother of Mu for Yi Si and own an athlete, Patch Cord Manufacturerwarrior and Hollywood film producer person etc. multiple identities.

On the 5th of this month, two car brigade differences are got into Niger by the Libyan south desert inshore.A the officials of government in Niger once meant on the 9th, if the card was firm thin and his son got into Niger, Niger will implement the obligation that it is international signatory state in the pertaining to crime court.In June, this year, international pertaining to crime court with being suspected of the anti- mankind offense is from,Cable Manufacturercountersign firm thin wait 3 people to the card of the nations arrest to make.

Latest news

Guinea-Bissau:Open a pair of arms to welcome card firm thin

The premier of nation Guinea-Bissau in Western Africa the nation Bo of the Guinea-Bissau 11 in the Long broadcasting station said, card Luo Si Ge plum Si mean, would like to accept Libyan abscondence to leader Mu exceed Er the card is firm thin seek refuge.

The Ge plum Si says that Guinea-Bissau be not ?international Rome code in the pertaining to crime court ?signatory state, as a result ignore an international pertaining to crime court to aim at card firm thinly arrest to make.”electric welding machine manufacturer The our country government completely respects Libya to leader Mu exceed Er the card is firm thin, will open a pair of arms to welcome him.If he to seek refuge, we welcome will ensure his safety.”

The another tall officer in Libya was grasped this morning

This morning Peking time, Libyan opposition faction armed declared in the Li wave of capital city to arrest Libya former incumbent external safety organization chief, deluxe secret agent cloth firm the Yi is virtuous.Previous BBC broadcasting etc. medium report way the cloth tie Yi before being virtuous early resign behind among the missing.

Neighborhood in the Li wave that calls that the opposition faction bears arms in the capital city of the peninsula television station report way investigates and searches with all strength the cloth firm Yi virtuous whereabouts, but it while being caught express equanimity don’t do a holdout.

Related news

The benefit provisional government set sets up to plan to announce in 10 days

Outside Mei this morning report way, “whole country transition committee” executive committee in Libya chairman Ma Ha Mao was virtuous Lei in the Gu cloth declared on the 11th, the parties concerned is just setting up nationwide provisional government to carry on a consultation for the set currently, the set sets up a provisional led lighting automotivegovernment plan to anticipate will in one thoughtful 10 days inside announce.

Lei in the Gu cloth says on the news conference, will soon set the provisional government for setting up will overaly the east of whole country in Libya and western region and include those haven’t relieved, still besiege in the card firm thin troops under of region.

Gu cloth inside Lei says, the Libyan race reach agreement will at”whole country transition committee” chairman Gu benefit the Lei manage under carry on, reaching agreement will include three kinds of methods:Accept to weave big parts of revolutions armed group, issue salary combine increment petroleum production, the set sets up nationwide provisional government.

Gu cloth inside the Lei declares that Libya is held up 5 months of petroleum production have already restarted on the 10th.

Gu cloth inside Lei means, currently Libya’s defrosting the handover activity of funds has been already started, the first’s defrosting a funds is provided by England, amount of money over 1,000,000,000 Na Er(about USD 870,000,000), the second about 700,000,000 the Na Er will also transmit recently.The executive committee is hard guaranteeing local people currently punctually issuing of the salary, the salary of people in the western region will issue in the near future.

whole yearses

5 septembrie 2011

The country gives or gets an electric shock intelligence electricity the item invite bids quantity to keep on a high growth for whole yearses

The charged barbed wire net of guo jia announced “the guo jia charged barbed wire net company concentration the scale invitation to bid bought 2011 the electric power form marked personal name in the fourth batches of items list” recentlyLED Spot Lights, three star electricity four listed companies all had to mark in the product.The profession analyst said that the guo jia charged barbed wire net invites bids quantity keep on tall growth, the whole yearses increase to soon anticipate above 30%.

Mark the country net intelligence electricity in many companies item

The charged barbed wire net of guo jia announced “the guo jia charged barbed wire net company concentration the scale invitation to bid bought 2011 the electric power form marked personal name in the fourth batches of items list” recently, the three star electricities and Hao rather reached, section six electronicses, *ST China controled four listed companies to all have to mark in the product.

Three star electricity is that item the penny mark, mark the second cent, mark the third cent, mark the fifth cent and mark a person in the mark the sixth cent and totally win 8 packs and win object electric power form total amount quantity is 454,500, LED Flood Lightsanticipate medium mark the total amount of money as about 73,247,000 dollars;Hao rather reach medium the object intelligence electric power form amount the quantity as 253,600 and anticipate medium mark the total amount of money as about 52,110,000 dollars;The object electric power form total amount quantity is 323,000 in section six electronicses and anticipate medium mark the total amount of money as about 63,659,800 dollars;*ST China controls medium the mark electric power form amount is 512,600 sets, the total amount of money is about 82,541,700 dollars and win mark district to distribute provinces, such as Qing Lake, Ningxia, Sichuan, Fukien and Hunan…etc., autonomous region.

According to all,LED Ceiling Lights this electric power form that invite bids the total amount is 8,675,500 and totally is divided into six marks.

Intelligence electricity profession:Invite bids quantity to keep on a high growth for whole yearses

Invite bids quantity to still keep on high growth, the whole yearses increase to soon anticipate above 30%.This time invitation to bid 2 class lists mutually intelligence electricity total 11,020,000, have 26.6% of 10 years whole yearses;One class three mutually intelligence electricity total 742,000, have 22% of 10 years whole yearses.Three marks are adding up to invite bids before this year, 2 class lists mutually the intelligence form totally recruit 32,700,000 and have 78.8% of 10 years whole yearses;Keystone Jack ManufacturerOne class three mutually the intelligence form totally recruit 3,310,000 sets and have 98% of 10 years whole yearses.

Moreover, time from the invitation to bid distributed to see, this year’s invitation to bid was more intensive a little bit last year.Therefore we anticipate, the whole yearses that will have the concentration invitation to bid of 5 intelligence electricities, but invite bids a total amount this year increasing soon will attain above 30%, among them, list mutually the watch will attain above 30%, three mutually form or will more than 40%.

Invite bids price to together compare significant ascension, still kept steady to increase of situation.Because of a series of trouble that mark rule and henceforth cause in the low price in last year, this year country net’s inviting bids is already turned by single price standard in last year but value the quality of product more.Pass change invitation to bid rule, electricity price two marks have already had more obvious rally by this year, the third mark still continue ex- two object trendses, together compare have ascension.

Each big manufacturer’s quota all has been already descended, the Hao rather reaches to extend quickly.Seeing from manufacturer,office typical model symptom compare with marking a circumstance in the second, this in the object first ten greatest manufacturers quota wreath ratio all have descending of certain range.In the list mutually form, section six electronicses are descended to 5% by 5%;The Lin Yang electronics is declined to 1.65% by 9.91%.But differ from the big manufacturer’s quota to descend, Hao’s rather reaching in 2 class lists mutually the market quota of form is risen to 5.39% by 3%, resides the second;In one class three mutually the market quota of form is also promoted to 9.83% by 7.6%, resides the fourth.

The market concentration degree descends.Get into after 11 years, the market concentration of the intelligence electricity profession degree a little bit significantly descended before comparing this respectively, among them, 2 class lists mutually form(ex- ten manufacturer quota it and) the third previous average above 70% decline to thereafter from 10 years of 40%-50%;One class three mutually form(ex- five manufacturer quota it and) from 10 years the fourth above 65% before the batch decline to thereafter of 55% is or so.But this year third batches of markets concentration degree start appearing to a little bit obviously descend again, 2 class lists are mutually declined to 48.8% by 50%, one class three is mutually declined to 52.6% by 56.3%.

Collect hurl item gradually the hurl produce or will cause a profession productivity excess.The investment item that passes to several intelligence electricity listed companies carries on a sorting, we discover, will be the large-scale hurl of the intelligence electricity to produce and reach to produce a period for 11 years and 12 years.Among them, section six will bring 4,600,000 expanding of pedestalses to produce at increasing to deliver item for 10 years, becoming available in the market of Lin Yang’s electronics collects hurl item to also bring the productivity of 5,500,000 pedestals, three star electricity will also expand to produce 6,500,000 sets, Hao rather reach have already added a productivity as well 1,880,000 sets.To these become available in the market manufacturer of the productivities datas carry on analysis, the aggregate of the productivity is 16,680,000 sets currently and will expand to produce to add up 18,480,000 sets in the future and increase to attain above 100%.But the 10 years whole year’s need don’t just not arrive 5 must set.We think that gradually throw to produce along with the big manufacturer’s investment item, in the future profession or will face productivity excess, integrate or will be a new trend inside the profession.

expectation purpose

1 septembrie 2011

The Chinese sail female trial run attains an expectation purpose
The Chinese news spokesman, Yang Yu Jun, of Ministry of National Defense is accepting a reporter to lift to ask.

The Ministry of National Defense holds the Ministry of National Defense routine news conference in the city on August 31.The Ministry of National Defense news spokesman, DVB T RECEIVERYang Yu Jun,’s Chinese sail female problems, such as terrace trial run and navy strategy…etc. carried on to introduce and answered that the lifting of reporter asks.

The sail female terrace trial run

Attain an expectation purpose

Go out to sea a trial run circumstance to the Chinese sail female terrace, Yang Yu Jun said, the sail mother’s construction was a long term, complicated engineering and develop a series of research experiment and training in this process lieutenant general, these are the routine of, also normal.

Yang Yu Jun says that the sail female terrace this trial run comes to an an expectation purpose and continues to be in the shipyard carry on refitting to work with test now.The follow-up work of the relevant sail female terrace will test a training circumstance according to the research to make sure.

Defendoof sex national defense

The policy can’t changePlate Heat Exchanger

At speak of the United States the Chinese military power lately announcing reports in, Yang Yu Jun said while using an ocean that the alone literary piece discusses China strategic problem, concerning the American Ministry of National Defense announces lately of so-called the Year 2011′s ?Chinese military and safe situation develop a report ?, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman and news spokesmans of Ministry of National Defense all have already announced viewpoint.I notice, should report cover up marks clearly to report to cost USD 73212, now the economy in the United States also recession, hope that the United States can use money of the taxpayer on some meaningful affairs.

As for the sail mother of China develop and navy strategic problem, we this front have already definitely meant:China firmly carries out the national defense policy of defense, certainly would not change because of developing advanced weapon, navy’s strategy of inshore defense in China didn’t also take place a change.

Japan should explain to strengthen military force intentionHuang Xu

The reporter lifts to ask, according to recent medium report way, the Japanese government plans in Okinawa County and that country to deploy littoral surveillance troops and defend province be still studying island and the temple ancient island to lately send self-defence forces and defend dint by to build up toward the stone Yuan.Excuse me, make to this what commentary?

While answering this question, Yang Yu Jun said, we notice a relevant report way.Because of history reason, any military trends of Japan will cause the concern of Asian all countries and worry in uncertainty, the day square should explain in the southwest various island to strengthen true intention of the military force.What to need to be pointed out BE, win both parties in day is concentrating on to push forward an of mutual benefit relation of strategy, Office romance sweetthe day square should do one for this aggressive make great effort, not contrary.Hope day the square take history as Jian, the circumspect does and much does to be advantageous to promoting and neighboring country mutual trust, be advantageous to the affair that supports peace in the region and stability.

Watch out for external influence to provoke medium print medium more relation

At answer relevant in print relation of lifted to ask, Yang Yu Jun said, in print two countries not are enemies, also not is an opponent, but the neighbor is a colleague.In recent years, win to print both parties to concentrate on a development to face to peace and prosperity of strategic cooperation colleague’s relation, two soldiers relate to also and get continuously a development, both parties developed the friendly exchanges of various formses, understanding and mutual trust are gradually deepening and try to be practical cooperation of the realm be continuously opening widely.

Yang Yu Jun says that the relevant speech attempts to provoke to be medium to print to relate to and has ulterior motives.

Yang Yu Jun says that medium more the Ministry of National Defense defended duty safety to negotiate to hold in Peking recently for the fifth time.National affairs member of committee and the beam light of defense secretary were strong to meet Vietnamese the Ministry of National Defense vice minister Ruan ambition the chirping of birds, the vice-president chief of staff Ma Xiao Tian and Ruan ambition the chirping of birds held to negotiate.In the middle of meeting and negotiating, both parties nations and region safety and two countries two soldiers related to an etc. problem to carry on thorough discussion, reached many consensuses.Both parties unanimously think that medium more both parties leader the consensus for reaching and strengthen a strategy communication according to two countries and carefully handle a sensitive problem, match two country people’s basic benefits and common wisheses and also be advantageous to peace, LED illuminates businessstability and development of local area.Both parties would like to strengthen amity exchanges and pass amity consultation, peaceably solve a rift, increase a mutual trust by cooperation, urge a stability by mutual trust, watch out for external influence to provoke to break two country relations, determinedly support two country common benefits and two countries friendly general situations.

Develop a weapon material not to aim at any nation

The problem that aim at a technical quick development for having the Chinese guided missile that the medium put forward to make some national creations worried, Yang Yu Jun said, China firmly carried out the national defense policy and actively defensive military strategy of defendoofing sex and develop a weapon material for the sake of satisfy maintenance national security of demand, don’t aim at any nation and particular target.We hope the external world ability is objective and rationally treat, don’t do an excesssive guess to reach agreement to read.

The sail female terrace trial run totally solves 9 contentses

On August 14, our country head the sail female terrace be over for the very first time go out to sea to sail experiment return to wharf.Press the plan, it will continue to be in the shipyard carry on refitting to work with test.

The sail mother consigns ex- sea trial run to mainly include shipbuilding factory trial run and acceptance trial run.Shipbuilding factory trial run is sail mother after the completion constructs or refits first time goes out to sea voyage, is for ensure that the sail mother’s hardware and machine etc. attain contract request but the sea carrying on to experiment.The shipbuilding factory trial run is organized implementation by the shipyard, navy’s personnel inspects on the scene.After the shipbuilding factory trial run is successfully, check an acceptance set to check and accept organization, the sail female square can be received by the navy after passing.

The main contents of shipbuilding factory trial run includes various equipments and the system of the examination sail mother’s proper sail and warship whether circulate as usual.The contents that includes 9 main categories is a lord to push forward device respectively, assistance equipments and Sun tube the equipments, deck equipments and electricity equipments, environmental protection equipments and passenger compartment safe protection device, navigation equipment, supply an equipments.

LED lighting faces

26 august 2011

The global LED lighting faces a rapid hair defer
Zhang Ya3 Nan:We continue yesterday’s topic, pay attention to LED profession, we made reference to the price of sparse soil to continuously increase and illuminated a profession development for LED to bring some chances yesterday, moreover can also notice, a lot of guo jias will in the future how many years eliminate a traditional incandescent lamp gradually,LED lights manufacturerwhether will also bring LED vaster space?

Du Bin:We know the characteristics of incandescent lamp, although the cost is very low,the energy acts for of the conversion efficiency is very low, should be more and more strong now along with the each guo jia’s consciousness toward economy energy environmental protection, so say now a lot of guo jias all the beginning listed a that timetable stipulate to several years in succession and forbade sale and usage incandescent lamp bubble and occupied an enough long-term traditional incandescent lamp bubble in mankind’s civilization history may welcome to end, correspond act for of should be led by LED of some a little bit efficiently new energy.We know because of long term of usage cost and habit, everyone has already habitually used the incandescent lamp bubble of past tradition, its characteristics is very of cheapness,dvb t mpeg4 so say now and still keep occupying enough many quotas among the whole lighting market, in the future along with the releasing of timetable, probably 5 years inside, these traditional light energies all will drive some new efficiently eliminate act for, in the future new LED illuminate Teng a very big market space, act for the market demands produced by lighting should say very huge.

And we can put vision far some, the most anterior is Japan, I before saw piece according to, till June, this year the whole Japan LED lamp bulb’s sharing all sale specific weight of lamp bulbs has already come to a 43.5%, if say in some restriction of electricities more serious regions, this comparison is higher to attain 50%.Now this situation to see, this comparison is on the contrary more and more high now, is still a process that pursues class ascension,Xu Huangwalk is so before having relation with some local circumstances of Japan to fasten, the local electricity price is higher and economize on energy consciousness of environmental protection also stronger.So from start very early, the policy promoted in carry of subsidy policy, make the whole market really developed a little bit quickly, Japan is related now the LED lamp bulb cost have been very low and sell also very cheaply, so say this market share is more and more big.

Is big country the United States to say, before have an estimate, will start LED next year, the market also wants to start starting, 15 years of time probably, the sale sum of the whole LED lamp may have the whole 3| that illuminates a market 4 or so, should say that is also a very big piece of cake, we then to see European guo jia, the timetable of EU in fact than just what we mentioned some other guo jias may want to be some earlier, should say that gradually go gradually Be getting nearer, and it releases the limit of subsidy very big,solution to judge invalid may have an of 30%-50% of the whole lamp total sales, can say that willing also produce one in the future is very big of act for effect, these various evidences all express LED to will may welcome the period of a rapid development in the future

greatly see a point

16 august 2011

Halt China ambassador, Hui in the Luo house drags along a house to take “carry a pack to go to assume office” of three greatly see a pointDVB-T TUNER
Hui in the Luo house came, dragged along a house to take and carried big pack of packet.On the night of the 12th, this ex- eparch of American Washington, federal government ex- commerce secretary, arrive Peking from Seattle, the United States, formally start his halting the tenure of China ambassador.But this world”department class tall officer” of the first economic giant, the Lyu new trip seem to be pretty much “low key” and there is no a great deal of attendant and have no guard and carry on the back previous pack of, carry a pack, whole family all have no carefree.”Is this like an ambassador?”There is witness in airport thus whisper

The United States new appointee ambassador came, low-key get to be like the entire family of coming to China to spend a holiday traveler, among them have three greatly see a little Be worth paying attention to.DVB-T MPEG 4

Hui in the Luo house of so can easily get to be like a shoulder bag guest, the social milieu of China is wellone of the reasons in it so much.The reform opens and face the deep change of economic social realm and face a life time the rare risk challenge, the our country always kept social general situation stable, becoming a social public order in the world had better, one of the tallest nations of crowd’s sense of security.Nowadays riding on the crest of success, after bursting the affairs often international big background, the Chinese scenery is only good here, although our country inevitably appeared a complex social antinomy,found out a pass comprehensive manage to solve a social public order problem of the road of success, ensured social public order order to keep on turning for the better, the criminal case Gao Fa Shi’s head gets to effectively suppress, the masses of the people’s sense of security is steady to promote.Previous of a survey express, 90% Chinese think the satisfaction is to the public order environment, there is sense of security.The good public order environment held the carefree court that the house takes to take a stroll to provide for Hui in the Luo house reality may, if the Luo house Hui goes abroad as ambassador country in England, Norway and Afghanistan etc., he cans make thus thin settle?DVB T RECEIVER

The low key of Hui”carry a pack to go to assume office” in Luo house makes person’s in different light.Nowadays China, people from public to three male expenditures of concern, change direction gradually to the anxious expectation that promotes administration effect.How spend the minimal money, do the best matter, is a public claim, is also an all levels, the officials of the government have to face of test.This needs the officials of the government take the lead from saving time, economizes expenditure to commence and works well demonstration.As early as 2003, beard the chairman lead off cancel to leader to visit to send to face a rites.This kind of variety not only is a kind of formality of simplification, more mark an our country political of mature civilization, the close people of central leadership tries to be practical.The Beijing leadership visits cancel to send to face a rites and reduce delegation’s personnel and pileup etc. and eased a heavy reception arrangement, more importance is put good appearance for officials of all levels.All levels officials Lyu lately go to assume office, go out inspection visit etc., if all can make light car Chien, decline to welcome to send to, even be like Hui in the Luo house such as businessman the trip generally go to assume office, not only can lift high-efficiency, see true thing, more can draw near and the distance of the people’s, let the officer people relate to regression harmonious.Make person delighted BE, see a recently not only of the province class big member tiny Be private to visit and even have provincial governor from take sheet to go to the country, a head of ties person of hometown in home not to know where went, it make some place officials frightened to disgrace.However, these are originally belong normal of raises became news, refracts officials from an on the side of simple of going and being still rare matter, therefore, going to assume office of Hui in the Luo house of go worth our country the officials draw lessons from.led home lighting

The last’s paying attention to order is Hui in the Luo house will can’t bring China special convenience.Hui Lyu in the Luo house is lately fully paid attention to by the people and return a knot bottom because he has and our similar black hairs yellow skin, however, Hui in the Luo house serves as the most important mission for the United States’ ambassador to China or brings the United States a greater benefits.There is here an outside Mei pointing out, 100 divide 100 of American Hui in the Luo house afraid of inconvenient”sell at a discount” for China.Current occupation diplomat in the United States’ ambassador to China, there is also political ordination, like 5, still Mu hero, He in the Pu, the thunder Be virtuous to is all political ordination.Hui in the Luo house serves as more of again is “political ordination”, Central America of has an extensively common benefits, two country economy of mutual dependence more and more deep.Being as exactly the opposite as some what persons guessed isn’t China to scheme to get what special convenience, but Ao Ba Ma the choice Luo Hui in the house serve as to halt China ambassador, oneself be mean to 1 kind of Chinese amity, is also hope, he can help an of promoting two countries of aggressive, cooperation, overall relation.Luo guest Wang Ya Gen who writes “the white hair floats green water, the red Zhang pulls out pure wave” didn’t thought of, the in his descendant after more than 1300 years political person, he is Hui in the Luo house.We might as well see so, Hui in the Luo house came, being American Huang was callous the respect to black hairs, is also to respecting of China and send goodwill gestures

chemisette world

10 august 2011

The most suitable match ten greatest honeymoons divine spot in chemisette world

What does the woman falls overboard for most ?They like to appreciate canning taste everywhere in the meantime as well of lovely view of delicious, tired can also do yoga to be relax, finally can also crary Shopping, pack in the shopping heaven oneself attire of the Piao is beautiful bright.Ten universities belong to honeymoon divine spot in the chemisette world, always having 1 will make you show interest.At once take TA to go.

1.The Italian Florence art appreciates

The female who loves an art feels like fish in water here.Top-class art work in the world and building exquisite article swarm about here.There is Michelangelo of ?David ?, Florence Wei Ji Ao temple and the mulberry virtuous Luo’s wave lift and benefit of ?Venus’ birth ?.You can go by by yourself, can also play with regiment.But after definitely remembering to finish enjoying mental food, enjoy the delicacies of Florence again-the Italian ice Qi of one cup sweet Zi Zi Ling (gelato).Discount Wedding GownsAfter all, having no female can refuse the temptation of sweetmeat.Then order one cup hot chocolate, take a stroll second promise river shore, infatuate with in the aromatic food and please the eye of lovely view in.

2.The American Miami south coast

Like a focus and act as focal sister to the Miami south china sea the shore is highly desired.It is the best place that shows magic power outward appearance here.The big show hot hot Bikini on the pure sandy beach, arrive a wild night store to display your charming makeup to permit with clothes.The Miami still has a famous Key, is a whole city the most beautiful ground of scenery.This island is Key Biscayne.RickenbackerCauseway both sides scene, the Jing cuts off south Florida.Swim KeyBiscayne, the beard pays a dollar to lead a bridge fee, but the list appreciates a both sides sea view, already value return to ticket price.Holidays this Easter, a the most suitable proper old little swim on the first.

3.General prosperous Si lavender in France spends sea

The lavender general prosperous Si of general prosperous Si is located on the south of France, from the birth of from day, carefully kept her secret, until British Peter the arrival of plum Er, general prosperous Si for long time the veil of special life style just gradually uncover.The style of writing”general prosperous Si” in the plum Er is no longer a pure region name and represent 1 kind more in brief without the sorrow, easily lazy life style, a kind of unmoved either by favour or disgrace, spend efflorescence to fall before visiting a court;The going or staying isn’t intentional and hope in the sky cloud book leisurely and contented artistic conception with comfortable cloud.If trip for getting away from a living fetter, the general prosperous Si will make you forget everything.The desire unfolds chemisette sweet and charming or the Yi enjoy the heart of quiet Mi, the general prosperous Si gets ready all everythings for you,wholesale costume jewellery here of life simple and classic, the list comes to slows down rhythm here and well takes a suck at to forget grass joss-stick and taste a fresh flavor Zhi private, is also rare life state.

4.Sa joys in Las Vegas, the United States
In the Las Vegas, the female can enjoy to arrive the most extravagant treatment.Every day numerous night stores and luxurious hydrotherapy center and top-class of of the restaurants all provide everything.Arrive at wager city, want to try luck naturally, but still have the hairdressing center to more have temptation dint and shopping market etc. you of patronage.This”the city of crime” seems to be naturally be create for the woman.

5.Shopping in New York, the United States

The woman is the born shopping is crazy and comes here and then arrived heaven.No matter is the brand of high level to design still common of sell at a discount goods, regardless is a book or an electronics product, the merchandise of myriad shapes can find out a trace in New York.Go tofrom the SOHO area the wheat Di lousy big way, the fifth up luxurious jewelry shop in way, you are definitely similar all don’t want to miss.

6.Much more pleased Nuo soapstone state in the United States signs the trip of soul in the park

The female who infatuates outdoor games must go much more pleased Nuo.Here, you can climb the red rock in last one whole day, the end enjoys comfortable hydrotherapy massages again.Do an exhaustive self-reflection or contemplation for own heart, make the mind got Ping-ho with quite.

7.Surfing in Bali
Bali-the absolute fair sex long for day and night of spend a holiday divine spot.This service amusement facilities, including the trip of surfing, yoga and cultural food that spend a holiday to heaven own a series to take female as center.No matter is the cabaret of white thin wave sand, friendly residents, extravagance what you infatuated or only have culture of taste, you will profoundly experience personally the magic of this most beautiful islet in the world.

8.The theater of England Londonled grow lights

Have a passion for a theatrical female to want to enter hair to London naturally.The virtuous strong Luo arrives Shakespeare’s classic play eyes according to the Wei uncle’s drama from Anne, each theater in city has been already presented to public.London is the front line that the drama performs.Would present to public in other places after for the play eyes appreciated by the audience here probably a few months.So don’t definitely pass up the opportunity of this once in a lifetime.Finish enjoying dinner in the most well-known hotel in London, start “the night of London” of excited public.

9.American Suo promise Ma Pin Jiu
Still have what to suit a female more than the red wine?Long and fragrant, continuing Qian Quan.Red wine and woman, fine match forever, hang up a person to cast a glamour forever.No matter is the silk quality long skirt, is still a capable lounge suit, the red wine in each women’s hand shows them respectively of charm.Spends a night that sinks to immerse in the sense of taste royal feast in the wine country Suo promise horse, absolutely life long difficult forget.The Suo promise horse has no Napa so commercial, its secluded environment and amplely hide wine to let you not from must put slow footstep, halt enough small and soft tasty unique life time vintage wine.

10.Costa Rica yoga
Female, who hope earnestly the whole body heart relax, might as well take part in the yoga training camp of Costa Rica and look for heart of quite.”The life of pure and unadulterated” is the motto here.In addition to yoga, drift, ride a horse, go on foot and the surfings are all popular.So no matter you want the trip or adventure of ecosystem of go, Costa Rica can satisfy you.

company establish

1 august 2011

Limited liability company and incorporated company establish the differentiation of way

Limited liability company:?Each shareholder recognizes to pay with it of the property sum undertake limited liability to the company, company with its ll properties as to it’s the obligation undertake a responsibility;?Support the certificate proof shareholder to support a quota by;?Can not publish a stock, can not publicly collect;?The property of the shareholder can not at will turn to let;?The finance need not open.

Incorporated company:?The capital demarcation is to wait sum share;?Raise capital through an issue stock;?The shareholder recognizes to buy with it of the share undertake a responsibility to the company, the company undertakes a responsibility to the company obligation by its ll propertieses;?The stock can freely turn to let;?The finance opens.Company Formation

(2)establish a condition

Limited liability company:?The shareholder matches the quorum as 2~50 people;?The shareholder property attains the legal capital lowest quota;(according to profession different but settle)?The shareholder draws up article of association together;?Have the company the name, the limited liability company has to mark clearly “limited liability company” certain context in the name in the company, and build up the organization organization that matches a limited liability company;?Having is fixed of the production conduct place and necessity of the production conduct condition.

Incorporated company:?Establish incorporated company, should have more than 5 people the sponsor, among them have to have more than one half of the sponsor has a residence in China;?The stateowned business enterprise changes set up for the incorporated company of, sponsor can less than 5 people, but should adopt to collect to establish a way;?The lowest quota of registration capital is renminbi 10,000,000 dollars;?The sponsor draws up article of association;?Have the company the name, build up the organization organization that matches incorporated company;?Having is fixed of the production conduct place and necessity of the production conduct condition.

(3)support a sum

Limited liability company:Regard production management as principle of company renminbi 500,000 dollars;Regard merchandise wholesale as principle of company renminbi 500,000 dollars;company establishes to need what Regard business retail price as principle of company renminbi 300,000 dollars;Science and technology develops, consults, service company renminbi is 100,000 dollars.

Incorporated company:Registering is capital of the lowest quota is 10,000,000 dollars for renminbi.

(4)support a way

Limited liability company:The shareholder should negotiate in the sponsor according to it with recognize to buy in the article of association of the property quantity foot sum pay a property.Shareholder such as according to the date don’t pay recognize to pay of property, should to already other shareholders for supportings undertake a default responsibility.

Incorporated company:All capitals of company stated clearly in writing in the article of association while starting to establish, have to when the company establish all issues, and is recognized by all of the sponsor to buy.With collect to establish a way to establish a company, the sponsor recognizes to buy of the share don’t get 35% less than the company share total amount%, the rest share should publicly collect to the society.

(5)the share turn to let

Limited liability company:The of shareholder can turn to make it all property or parts of a property mutually.Shareholder to shareholder outside of when the person turn to let a property have to be passed by shareholder’s meeting resolution.

Incorporated company:The share of our company that the sponsor of incorporated company holds, establish from the company of day since can not turn to let in 3 years.The board director of the company, supervisor and manager should toward the share of our company that company hold while declaring, and during the period of working inside can not turn to let.

(6)organize organization

Limited liability company:Shareholder’s meeting, board of directors, manager and supervisor meeting.Shareholder number less and the scale smaller limited liability company, can establish an Executive Director, don’t establish a board of directors;Can establish 1~2 supervisors, don’t establish a supervisor meeting.Is the stateowned individual proprietorship company of the limited liability company special appearance don’t establish a shareholder’s meeting, from the authorization the organization of the investment in nation or the section of the national authorization, authorize a company the board of directors exercise parts of authority of shareholder’s meeting.

Risk promised

1 august 2011
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Promise, it is one of the foundation stones of the real love. Concrete and deep commitment, even if can’t guarantee the emotion relation is plain sailing, will play and act on greatly too. One will concentrate attention at the beginning of a certain thing, it may be very limited that its emotion is put into, but as time goes on, he (she) Should put into more emotions, otherwise, the emotion relation will be moved towards disintegrating sooner or later, or is in the superficial, fragile state all the time. Take I as an example, I before marrying the ceremony, have any unusual feeling, it is very calm to behave all the time. Gradually, I feel nervous and even some shiver, even does not remember the course of the wedding, and anything happening subsequently. For some time, I have adapted to this people’s growing and changing slowly, put more emotion into the family, at last

Go out of the state of falling in love, has found the motive power of the true love. Not usually getting on very well, after bearing children, we only put into more emotion, the instinct stage that can produce a male heir to continue the family line from biology, grow into benevolent parents with sense of duty. As to the emotion relation based on love, pay whole-heartedly, it is the indispensable precondition. Only the lasting emotion relation, could make intelligence ripe constantly. If we lack sense of safety is not merely constantly anxious to abandon by birth, and feel that has an uncertain future, intelligence can not be ripe forever. Couple in the face of rely on and independence, handle and submit to, freedom and question such as being loyal and steadfast, without solution, magnify question, live in suspect, the frightened shade all day, it is unable to find the outlet calmly, can make the emotion relation belong to and destroy finally.Information about food best pearl, should south sea pearls

Promise, can bring sense of safety to a person. However, most schizophrenia patients are all difficult to promise. Let the patient promise, it is usually essential links. Wonder how to realize “ Concentrate attention “ ,It is unwilling to make any commitment too, it is very apt to cause the psychology to lack proper care. The persons who lack proper care of passivity personality are unwilling to promise, even has lost the ability to promise, they are not the risk fearing to be promised, but may know at all how to promise. They may not love, has not got the commitment that parents love from parents during one’s childhood, so until they grow to manhood, have never had experience that is promised.

The unregulated patient of the neural sense can understand the meaning promised, but the extreme one is tense and frightened, make them lose motive force promised. In their childhood, most of parents have love, can let them experience the sense of safety promised to bring, later on because death of appearing, abandon or other reasons, this kind of sense of safety declares that stops, it is unable to be responded to make it promise, become painful memory, they fear to make the new commitment from this. Once the patient stands the wound of soul, unless set up ideal emotion relation, otherwise the wound is difficult to heal. Sometimes, as the psychologist, I think of it takes the patient that treat for a long time to receiving each time, uneasy in the heart. After all, want to enable and treat going on smoothly, the psychologist must establish good relation with the patient, like the parents rich in the love treat children, go to care about the patient wholeheartedly, and can’t give up halfway, could open the patient’s heart in this way, suit the remedy to the case.China Shenzhen water Pui international jewelry exhibition, where you can wholesale costume jewellery

It is cold, and introverted that Miss Rachel 27 years old suffers from the serious sex, the words and deeds are too overcautious. As soon as she has had a transient marriage, she has divorced, come to consult me. She tells me, because the sex that can’t accept her is cold, husband Mark and she part company with. Rachel says: “I know my question. I originally think, it is a good thing to marry Mark. I hope he makes my soul warm, let me change to some extent, but I have thought by mistake. This is not a question of mark. With which man unable to let I fun of person who experience together, I want, find fun from sexual love either. Though I think sometimes that should change, live like normal people, but unfortunately, I am used to the present state. Though mark often reminds me, let me try hard to relax down, however, even if I can accomplish, do not want to change the present state either. ”

In the treatment goes on until the third month, I remind Rachel: She comes to go to a doctor each time, has not taken on the seat yet, will say at least that ” thanks ” twice —The first time “ Thanks ” ,It is we, when the waiting room was just met; The second time “ Thanks ” ,It is when of the office that just came into me her.

Rachel asks: “This have anything, OK? ”

“It is good. ” I answer, ” however, so many gifts of yours are unnecessary. By the look of your behavior, it is piece that lack confidence, think one’s own unwelcome guest just. ”

“But actually I was a guest, here was your clinic after all. ”

” right, ” I say, ” but don’t forget, you have already paid in order to treat. Period of time and this space belong to you, you have one’s own rights, you are not a guest. Office, waiting room, have the time that we coexist, all these belong to you. You have paid and bought them, they belong to you, why want me in order to belong
to you to be east-west to express one’s gratitude? ”

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solid wood furniture

20 iulie 2011

How to select solid wood furniture
1 judges whether it is solid wood furniture
Main watch the door and side
Skills: scarring, wood and sectionTin Box
Scar: scar on the side of promising location, and then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern.
Wood: looks is a pattern, then a corresponding change in the location of this pattern, in the back door to see a corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is a pure solid wood
Section: Section color than the panel deep, and can see is the piece of wood production
2, look at the tree
What is made of solid wood species, which directly influence the price and quality. From the cheapest pine, oak, mahogany to expensive, price difference is dozens of times. So don’t because it is solid wood would not consider the species, after all, like pine, wood, in addition to the environmental protection performance than outside, man-made board of many poor
In 3, judge wood manufacturers producing area
Special attention should be paid to solid wood furniture wood manufacturers producing area. There is an old saying” solid wood but the Yangtze River”, is the production of solid wood furniture in the south to the north, because of climate effects of moisture, and thus prone to cracking, deformation and other problems. So buy time to see clear to.
4, observe whether the defects in wood.
Several major defects: solid wood crack, scar, Ratt, mildew
To buy time to carefully check the details.
Cracking: naturally can not buy.Set up Company
Scar: if is a positive scaling back the same position, also have this scar scar, this basically belongs to the knot, a long time, will be out, so have the deficiency of furniture is absolutely can not buy.
Wormhole: Although many furniture are known after drying degreasing treatment, but do you think China is so big, furniture factory so much, national management so weak, credibility to play at least 50 percent off. In addition to those western style solid wood furniture, have their own engraved bug-eyed, other will not buy
Mildew: is wood green, traces of water phenomenon can not buy. Although sales aunt will say to you, have been dried after, no problem. But you see, moldy bread after further processing, can you eat? The wood mildew, its performance and has previously cannot be mentioned in the same breath.taylor made suits
5, look at the furniture parts connection
A good solid wood furniture, is a tenon slot and connected, in partial weight bearing larger places, also using screws and protection block, reinforcement. If you saw of solid wood furniture, using all screws fixed, so this kind of furniture the firm degree is not high. Judge furniture the firm degree, you can take a rocking furniture feel its degree of stability to judge.LED Lights Supplier
6, look at the furniture surface paint quality
Solid wood furniture are most afraid of water and fire. The fire would not have said, for fear of water, there is an old saying: Millennium Millennium dry, wet, dry wet not years. Speak is the fear of water wood. While the furniture surface especially prevent moisture intrusion furniture in the most effective way to. Therefore should carefully check whether there is no furniture brush to paint areas, key points: at the top and bottom of the cabinet door, wardrobe inside.
Touch the paint surface, whether there is a burr, bubble phenomenon.
7, look at the furniture drawer detail.
The drawer should be solid, tighten the screws in the internal. To open the drawer, active desktop,Office Furniture Desk doors and other parts, to ensure that can handle very skillfully, and properly connected. Drawer bottom drawer bottom plate with a certain thickness, and is used in the groove is connected, but not a nail connection.

price regression

11 iulie 2011

A hemp sack stone anticipates only and sells several dollars”blue precious stone”s what day price regression
The blue precious stone is listed as four one of the names expensive precious stoneses in the world.Province Chang in Shandong enjoys a county is our country the biggest blue precious stone produce area, recent years because of loot the type mine,Pearl Jewelry the in great quantities blue precious stone flows into a market by very and cheap price, the one and only of the advantage resources didn’t bring local development core motivation.Acutely painful lesson made the local government quest had a preface development in the past, but, this precious resources wanted to carry out the value regression that should have, but needed date.

“Blue precious stone” in China of selling cheap
ldquo;Currently we the medium and blue precious stone is a 300 dollar per carat, the price of 10 year agos is a 100 dollar per carat, opposite domestic and international other jewelry recent yearses soar fast fierce condition, the blue precious stone price has been changing not and greatly, and the price is still fairly cheap.”Chang joy county five jewelries in the diagram town conduct company, Guo, lately even part to reporter demonstration oneself store in of blue precious stone hand chain, part introduction.

The Chang joy county is located on Wei shop in Shandong and enjoys county city in the Chang and sells and processes the store row upon row of blue precious stone, the blue precious stone has become Chang joy economy development in the place and the important industry of prosperity.In each store, the consumer could not cost 100 dollars, can buy a lower quality blue precious stone hand chain, quality best hand chain is about 2000 dollars.led grow lights

Is the biggest blue precious stone in our country to produce area, the Chang happy blue precious stone has the mineral area 450 square kilometers, is currently in the world one of the rare large and blue precious stone mineral beds.A leadership of the region is candid in saying to the reporter, though the region is like this precious resources that enrich, had no in the past reasonable development exploitation, make the blue precious stone lost good development opportunity, golden south sea pearlprice also always low go back and forth.

Blue precious stone together the diamond, ruby and grandmother are green to be juxtaposed for the world of four names expensive precious stones.For long time, with it the radiant and extremely keen beautiful color is seen as the thing of good luck.In ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the blue precious stone is used to decorate a mosque, church, and is the contribution of religion rites.

Blue precious stone habitat in the world is very rarely seen, the main concentration is in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Chinese etc. is national.The Chang happy blue precious stone has the grain big, pure color and good quality and strange precious stone much etc. the characteristics be rather subjected to favor of the domestic and international jewelry field, the Chang is happy consequently is praised as “the country of blue precious stone”.Enjoys inside the region of more than 1000 square kilometers in the Chang, distribute all of more than 100s ancient volcano, blue precious stone is time immemorial 1800 ten thousand yearses ago volcano eruption after stay to my people of precious wealth.

The depredation type development price is heavy
Ever since that time after the Chang enjoyed to discover a blue precious stone in 1986, the life of native son drive this kind of takes navy-blue rock thoroughly change.Chang happy county jewelry management company, Guo, lately even 14 year agos hurl body the region of the blue precious stone mines, he tells a reporter, at that time in the village of five diagram towns, appeared a lot of be engaged in the blue precious stone processed of families workshop, it aren’t complicated to mine at first techniques of livinging the minerals, as long as had hammer son, spade son enough.The villagers see worth striving for, the last mineral mountain adopts rock to process by himself/herself, then cheaply sells blue precious stone raw material.

The king of the University of Peking precious stone consultation center Qi professor reveal, 80′s in last century, in the east of China coastal region of in the basalt, discovered not a few blue precious stone minerals one after another bed.The Chinese is partial to jade from thou, therefore the blue precious stone didn’t get a value.

The result of depredation type development maded the happy Chang precious stone kept quantity sharply to reduce, because the blue precious stone in a period of time concentrates ground to get into a market too much and results in price’s suffering a disastrous decline.Guo Xin Ping says that till the end of last century, the Chang happy amount huge blue precious stone gets into a market and makes the then precious stone price been subjected to serious impact, even the prices of global and blue precious stone Be all consequently fierce to fall 65%.In order to being free from a value in the local and blue precious stone, the price of blue precious stone is also very low.The blue precious stone only sells abroad to be worth money.At that time, a large numbers of oversea precious stone companies arrive Chang to enjoy large numbers of quantity to procure, several dollars ten several dollars can accept a the hemp sack blue precious stone stone to anticipate.

Start to recall these things of the pasts, not a few Changs joy person’s 100 feelings hand over to add.Foreign precious stone company the blue precious stone that they receive tofrom the Chang joy one train skin one train skin the ground deliver toward abroad, while the native son disillusion come over of time, the limited blue precious stone resources has already formed huge loss.An industry insider says that a precious stone businessman of Thailand, becomes the precious stone procuring to ton ground luck to return to country inside, have never sold to go up to now, etc. Chang joy of the blue precious stone sold out again obtain exorbitant profits.led lighting design

Can keep on a development heavy program in science
In the second half of 2002, the Chang happy county pain makes a firm decision, to blue precious stone the execution forbid to adopt completely, and definitely rules at least 10 can not reply to adopt in the middle of the year.Forbid to adopt after 5 years, precious stone again regression lordship, the prestige soars up 1000%.At the same time, in order to forbiding to adopt completely, be originally mainly engaged in the precious stone of raw material seller from the operator, the big part changes to being engaged in affixture to be worth higher precious stone fine to process, Chang happy county jewelry industry quickly development, and drew on the management stores of including jade article, and jadeite…etc.6 serieses up to thousand jewelry merchandises to come to fall a door.

Currently, the Chang enjoys the jewelry business enterprise of county to contain more than 1200 houses, the employee reaches to more than 40,000 persons, the year processes a precious stone 13,000,000 the carats, decoration is more than 45,000,000s and become one of the biggest jewelry in whole country jewelry commercial centers.The Chang enjoys the county Chinese precious stone city inside, the gold street silver store each other connects with each other and totally has more than 100 jewelry jade articles, gold and silver jewelries that jewelers conduct a world-wide locations.

Chang happy Chinese precious stone city development construction commission vice- director, Wang Rui Xing , says, now Chang happy have already taken leave thick put management to sell an original mineral of stone of ages, blue precious stone in the business enterprise processes each a work prefaces from once was subjected to the technical expert of professional training to come to complete.The government wants to create into real”Chinese precious stone city” of Chang joys, it will gather the treasure jade cultural demonstration, the jewelry jewelry, craft gift and trophy processes bargain, the jewelry processes equipments, accessories and packing thing bargain, and the upscale business apartment, recreation amusement is at the large international jeweler city of integral whole.

The Chang enjoys the blue precious stone mineral of county to keep quantity to reach to count 1,000,000,000 carats and there are also abundant a great deal of time immemorial volcano, cultural resources and ecosystem resources.Chang happy county Wei publicity minister Chiu Be prosperous to say, Chang happy is scooping out advantage and integrate a resources, put forth effort to create precious stone culture, volcano culture, traditional culture and ecosystem cultural four greatest brands.

Effort carries out the value regression of blue precious stone as soon as possible,discount fashion jewellery industry insider points out, the development of the Chang happy blue precious stone in addition to the programming of science reasonable, also want the experienced industry to manage to up put forth effort.One is an enlargement to publicizee and form the brand effect that Chang enjoys a blue precious stone;Two is the grade attestation that draws up science and authenticate standard, currently blue precious stone market good people and bad people mixed up, the bad monger breaks market order so much by time Chong;Three initiate “exquisite article” consciousness inside the experienced industry, enhance a design, raise standard, push a blue precious stone at international tee off on the market some kind of new


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