The door of room

17 aprilie 2009
Geng DongLiang gets on the third floor. The door of room 304 is the half a one that is closed. Geng DongLiang stands at the gate, has smelt mixing foul smell of shoe-pad, socks and shorts inside the bedroom. Inside the smell is all youthful secretion. Geng DongLiang has fallen into and cherished the memory of once smelling this whiff of smell, it makes him have a kind of outstanding sensitivity to the life in the past that this kind cherishes the memory of, every little bit have whom person who die can’t chase greatest to lose. Shoe-pad and smell of the socks make Geng DongLiang’s depression more and more numerous and disorderly, is mixed with a great deal of distracing thoughts of going back on one’s word and feeling self-humiliation etc.. Geng DongLiang holds the door frame with hands, holds oneself, say anything and can’t reveal this kind of mood in front of classmates. Geng DongLiang prepared one’s own smile well, pushed away and opened the door, just ran into 14 eyes once entering, 14 eyes have stared at over him together, if one, absorbed, with fixed attention. Geng DongLiang goes over to left leaving the bed of the window straight, that is his bunk, he sits down, pinches a colored plastic string bag in the hand with a buttocks. 
Have covered a pair of big earphones on the eldest’s head, is listening to the music. Having seen Geng DongLiang coming back, the eldest says to Geng DongLiang: "Old six, should ask us to drink? " He has covered the earphone, the sound of speaking is special, big and washes. Dedicated to lift the head bright in the east, put up with their temper carefully, their face seems that need comforting even more than oneself. Geng DongLiang says: "What is drunk? Is there anything easy to drink? " The old sight of five is moved over from a magazine, say: "The brothers are glad for you, you accompany the brother several drunk once. " Geng DongLiang stands up, has want a cigarette from second of the upper berth, has ordered and smoked a big mouth, violent and deep, chock, live in, the cigarette if one maos of brush fill in the chest, can neither swallow nor vomit either. Such a bad feeling seem the wine conciliate only. Geng DongLiang appreciated the cigarette while setting about, said loudly suddenly: "A person lends 50 yuan to me, brothers drink. " Old to eight dig earwax in bed, where does it dig one ear mouth aslant every side. Old eight says: "Do you borrow the money from us? You pretend too too, we ask you to calculate simply. " Geng DongLiang hears this words but smiles, Gao Sheng says: "Idol Cheng yet, I of brother, brother I do not have host of get rich. " The eldest takes the earphone, jump off the bed, connect the bright words of the east dedicatedly and sink the lower face and say: "Have, mass seizure and eating of food in the homes of landlords tonight, each one lend 50 he, seven first people, brother of we, draw 50 more, I do not believe that can not have a try befuddledly at several hundred yuan – -Who drunk brother I ask he both ends emit dung son Tang tonight. " 
Eight people are supporting with one’s hand the normal university of getting back to shoulder to shoulder. Get back to bedroom dedicated east so on as to vomit soon, one is vomited and vomited. Always the previous cigarette a little bigger, found out each one’s lunch-box, caught one’s own vomit with their own lunch-box. The third has not vomited. Old stool withdraw ears of him shake several hard, third stem neck all vomit. Host of old their vomit are covered properly with another basin, arrange in a rowly, have stood akimbo and leant on and shouldered the door. There is only my light of the light of corridors inside the bedroom, always a cigarette a little bigger, see them lying stiffly on the bed, always is said greatly: " I hold your mother, hold you on Monday, hold you on Tuesday, " The eldest points to the drunkard in a room, keep holding until Sunday since Monday. Then, the eldest seals the upper face, has cried, the eldest lies down bed, ask oneself loudly, "is your his mother’s ability of some time boiled to the end? ! " 
Dedicated the next morning the bright head of the east was terribly painful. It has almost already been the second class in the morning, he has been getting empty for a long time inside the bedroom while waking up. The bedroom looks like an inferior hotel, messy and dirty, the smell of the vomit has floated. Geng DongLiang has been washed and gargled hurriedly, but find the vomiting trace of the cuff when leaving. Geng DongLiang picks up Xiao Fang’s mirror of one side, has looked oneself over carefully, the sight in the mirror lets his mental state at this moment be in a more trance. Drunk the face after lying demonstrates the terrible situation after drinking, is suffused with out blue and green light, decadent and unable. This is drunk sequela, any fluid is washed not to go. The far vomit than the cuff of such a complexion is more striking. Geng DongLiang has given up scrubing the hope of the cuff. But have a headache terribly. He go out of corridor, as the sun the sun for morning. 
Dedicated on that Chinese ilex road to meet with the bright jade tablet at last bright in the east. There is a distance from this road to dormitory area of teaching and administrative staff, Geng DongLiang always winds from here to the front door. The bright jade tablet is coming up from that side of the holly in one’s face, his black and white hair seems particularly striking above the holly, Geng DongLiang nearly squats while seeing hoarily, cat’s waist, the ones that utilized the holly concealed to climb effectively and retreated back. He sees the gray hair of the bright jade tablet since his going far gradually at one’s side, the dancing furiously of and pit of the stomach seems to begin at this time. Geng DongLiang squats there, inattentive – -Why live more and more as the thief?    

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