graduate the alumnus had a get-together

3 iulie 2009
it’s time to die and die (3)   
One American friend go back guest high school of state participate in, graduate the alumnus had a get-together the 10th anniversary, the greatest thoughts and feelings are after coming back, high schools has the " coolest " era Person,now it is " the comfortable " since it is . In the American high school, the ones that teased girl the most coolly and most are those athletes who can gain applause. Only in the past 10 years, the hero who can exercise magic powers in the same year, is nowadays treated at alumnus’ party coldly; Those persons studying conscientiously, now but the will is spoken with confidence proudly and fully. Cheering squads of those years person, " shift one’s love to another person " too now ,Enclosing " the bookworm " Rotate. 10 years, time passed, the manners and morals of the time changed completely. This is the deep sigh that that friend sends out. 
No matter Chinese or Americans, the love of parents is all the same all over the world! The child wants to be in charge of, each of parents can follow one’s own judgement to determine. Whether in U.S.A. or in China, the happiness of enjoying childhood is right, individual freedom is absolutely needed. However, the ones that exist in game rule in the society, fair. Whether the child can be played under this rule smoothly in the future, depend on parents to a great extent. If parents are confused and neglecting, may be on " die " Child future. 
After many children grow to manhood, do not train their job consciousness to cannot help but feel to parents deeply. Among them, the most sorry one is that parents can not be " in charge of " effectively as a child OK they. I contact many foreign students that come to U.S.A. to study, they all thank parents for " in charge of " at the crucial momenting very much They,it make by ones that have today pride they just. 
Parents can’t impose one’s own hope on the child, the child should enjoy happy childhood. The new one "  Emperor’s new clothing theory "  Unify the whole country on various media openly and legally nowadays. It’s a pity, most parents are practising, fair and sensible and legal, also benefit the nation and the people egoistic " long to see the son succeed in life " Sound of nearly keeping silent of thought. 
Give to the kindergarten at the child of Forth Five-Year Plan Period years old, give the child six or seven years old and study in the primary school, require children to study in the middle school, hope the child is educated in the university, all that parents " force " one’s own hope On child, " die " Child childhood "  Happy " Peremptory behavior. 
A lot of people are right "  The happiness of childhood "  Sum, to " humanization " Understanding contrary to basic demand of the civilized society, disobey as societies modern, far fall behind in the advanced competition that is globalized. 
Every state of U.S.A. "  The law of compulsory education "  Stipulate, the child of 6 to 16 years old must go to the school to study, or " go to school at home " in a planned way ,Accept the education of same educational level. If has not gone to school, parents should be sued, the legislation is all complete " not respecting " The child’s personal will, it is " happy in childhood " to deprive children by force Embodiment. It consider a lot of child like, go to school at all, unwilling reading study, like natural instinct that bear hardships. However, these are " rude " "force "  The behavior is all thought by the civilized society to be rational to be legal; Even as for,as this the in implementation uncivilized, unreasonable and illegal. It is obvious, force children to accept the adult’s hope, force the adult’s will on child, not all backward, uncivilized and inhuman behaviors. On the contrary, if know the child " non-performance " obviously "happiness childhood "  Will cause depression and failure all one’s life, the ones that should cause individual, family in the future are long-term painful, lead to the fact social whole quality is reduced, should cause the society to be unstable, and even is harmful to society, why want Qi Ren satisfied and brief childhood still "  Happy " The woolen cloth? 
The adult does not instruct children how to choose and lead to success, and have the right to choose to fail for the child? ! 

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