Festival one year

30 iulie 2009

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“And one uncle Zhang’s kind that my father walks. The whole family strolled in the bookshop of Changdian on the Spring Festival one year, my father brought
Body-guard me and it the half li far when throwing out at mother,it make we the mother and daughters unable to watch nothing, absorbed in drawing the straight neck
,Live as one Liang of only dull very beginning goose. Four eyes search for the front ceaselessly, has feared for two times and walked and gone by chance. Came back home,
I mother take place one temper greatly, say and will not go together with him no longer in the future. My father is without demur, the whole face is accompanied and smiled.
My mother gets back to the bedroom, he, with reaching the bedroom; My mother hides into the study, he, with reaching the study; Until cool down.
” Pan Su listens to a few words of mine, slightly feels and consoles oneself. A lot of defect of the man’s all over the world originally, was a mould
” knock ” Come out.

We, it is all right to continue the south. I can’t help asking: “Aunt Pan, where do we go like this? ”

“go the Western Returned Scholars Association ( Have changed into a cultural club of CPPCC) ,Uncle Zhang likes eating Western-style food.

From after by river banks south, nip I because it if meaning, regard as sea, amount to by five stop from here of mileages at least. Lead to purposes nearby
The bus of the ground, why do not we take the car? I think so, do not dare to say, follow obediently in the mouth
Behind uncle Zhang’s colt, are walking, is walking.

Amitabha, went to at last. We just stepped into the door, the man in the Western Returned Scholars Association Western food restaurant waited upon and greeted
Come up. It seems, they all recognize one married couple. After telling several sentences, cold dish, soup dish, hot dish
, the bread, butter, jam are served sequentially.

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