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5 iulie 2010

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Rupert Grint, take the time to check out this  blog that mentions Rupert. While it doesn’t have any information that a true Rupert Grint fan wouldn’t already know, the blog talks about, his like for the fashion label, and his talent in the field of acting.Designer Christian Audigier took some time off from his busy schedule creating hats for retarded people to relax on the beach with his wife Ira in Miami. I haven’t decided if she’s hot or not, her body looks great but her face is hidden by those giant sunglasses. She reminds me of one of those Ed Hardy hats, you think they’ll look good, but once you’ve got it you realize you should have a fake orange tan and a retarded chin strap beard to pull it off. At least her ass is nice.Sony Ericsson have teamed up with acclaimed tattooist and fashion designer Christian Audigier to give us the Sony Ericsson W595 Ed Hardy Edition. For those unfamiliar with his work, Ed Hardy is a world renowned tattoo artist who, in collaboration with fashion designer Christian Audigier, has his own clothing range.

Devotees to the Ed Hardy brand include England legend and fashionista David Beckham, Hip Hop star Lil Wayne and pop princess Britney Spears to name but a few.I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again so there’s NO confusion — Ed Hardy stuff is so horrible to look at that it almost makes me wish I were born without eyes. How anyone could WILLINGLY dress themselves in Ed Hardy is so beyond me that I’ve been spending hours and hours of good time, time that I could be spending feeding the hungry or greening my apartment just trying to think of WHY ANYONE would subject themselves to this dreck. The only answer I’ve come up with is that there’s no answer. Only darkness and sorrow. Speaking of sorrow, here are five of the saddest, most upsetting Ed Hardy products I’ve found.this is no shrinking violet,s a Plate Heat Exchangerseriously cool phone that demands your attention. If you’re after something subtle, look elsewhere. Framing the tattoo styling is a nice silver metal finish whilst the keys and that famous Walkman logo are finished off in Bronze.

The Ed Hardy W595 will definitely split opinions in a Marmite sort of way but i for one and firmly putting myself in the love camp!The original W595 was a real work horse with a great spec list, good size and weight and great build quality. This latest  edition brings a new edgy design and boosts the style to match the substance. Set to launch in early September, click here to sign up for updates and keep an eye on the Blog and we’ll keep you posted on the Sony Ericsson W595 Ed Hardy Edition.You certainly don’t want your 1994 Pontiac Duster to look naked, do you? Plus, it might take more than just the prototypical Ed Hardy tee to reel in ladies of a certain ilk. Ladies with standards. The Ed Hardy car accessory set says you’re SERIOUS about d-baggin’ your look, from your tip to your whip.The other, more realistic part of me fears that enough people out there have committed to Ed Hardy as decor, and ‘s sold out BECAUSE IT’S SOLD OUT! Fortunately I’ve never encountered the Ed Hardy shower curtain in real life, but if I came to your house, innocently asked to use your bathroom and then discovered THIS, I would do something really really rash. Like not flush the toilet. At the VERY least. You’ve been warned.

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