Women’s makeup ten big should not

12 iulie 2010

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Women’s makeup ten big should not
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First, should not apply the perfume facially:

Having applied the position of the perfume, it will cause the chemical change to shine by the sunlight, produce red and swollen shouting pain, the serious one will also develop into dermatitis.

Second, it is unsuitable to make up to pull out the eyebrow:

Making up will give somebody a kind of only bald model sense to pull out the eyebrow, by the look of medical view, pull out eyebrow can damage physiological function, will destroy hair follicle and makeup stimulus of coating lead to the fact the part is infected.

Third, should not multi-purpose the lipstick:

The oil in the lipstick can permeate through the human skin, and absorb side effects such as the dust, various metal members and pathogenic microorganism that fly upward in the air,etc.. Through the resolving of the saliva, various harmful germs can seize the opportunity to enter the oral cavity, easy to cause “ Lip anaphylaxis “ .

Fourth, it is unsuitable to use a foundation cream:

The color of the foundation cream is too darker or too lighter than the complexion of the face, will destroy your appearance, so, should prepare several kinds of foundation cream more, was adjusting constantly with change of the complexion in four seasons.
Fifth, should not the orbit paint the eye shadow powder again:

Especially there is much sweat on hot day, the sweat will dash into eye shadow the eyes, damages the organ of vision, if rub with hands again, apter to bring the bacterium into the eyes, catch trachoma or green-eyed.

Sixth, it is unsuitable to spread facial film on eyebrow and eyelashes:

The facial film is glued on eyebrow and eyelashes, it is apt to pull out eyebrow and eyelashes while removing.

Completely blue and green in seventh, should not wipe the face paly:

If face use oil cosmetics, apply, have one face powder and then, make it completely blue and green on being white, the ultraviolet ray in the sunshine is unable to be absorbed, influence the production of internal vitamin D.

Eighth, it is unsuitable to use others’ cosmetics:

The cosmetics may become disease and infect media, so, don’t abuse others’ cosmetics and make up, don’t lend the cosmetics since already used to others at will either.

Ninth, not too big that the finger is exerted oneself when rubing the surface:

The human pore is enlarged when it is hot, the epidermis is relatively soft, rub the surface to exert oneself too big, the face skin is rubed ” sand ” in the lotion of surface Damage, and then exposed to the weather, become coarse instead.

Tenth, should not mend the powder constantly:

If is mending the powder on the face constantly all day, apply the blusher on the blusher, will appear at the spot bottom very unsightly on the face, the nose will turn black because constant oil powder is mixed at first.

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