Anna Massimo

17 ianuarie 2011

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Wonderful pictures! Please tell me what the location is, it looks gorgeous!

Abby do you have any idea where I could find out where the centerpieces are from. One of my clients is looking for that EXACT type of centerpiece. THANK YOU! The wedding is of course gorgeous!

Do you know where those candelabras are from? Those are nice.

Beautifulgreat light, happy couple, incredible location

What was the venue for the reception and ceremony? My fiance and I are looking into a destination wedding.

Thanks so much for the lovely comments! To answer a couple questions, Anna & Massimo were married at the Church San Pietro in Milan and then the reception venue is Villa Bozzolo in Casalzuigno, Varese.

The centerpieces would have come from the florist in Italy so if youre in the States, it might not be feasible to source these exact ones, but I have seen them at a number of US weddings as well so I think they must be out there. Ill see what I can find out!

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