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24 ianuarie 2011

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O’NICE development of the success is received benefit to the principle of management of “free innovation”, while this principle is exactly what O’ NICE initiate person Rene Mr. DENemours initiates.Rene Mr. DENemours is a kid with the third handicraft article noble family of the 19th century last phase Nice city and once attended school in Paris, completion studies after the objection neglecting family returns tofrom Paris Nice, he put together beauty in Nice but the qualities chemical element of the freedom and the current vogue creativity knot of Paris and established O’NICE brand, the first management house resided to put piece and jewelry, Baroque pearl, abandon superficial, formed O’NICE gifted recreational style, this at that time is cause biggest sensation, pearl jewelry.Positive such as Rene what Mr. DENemours says, according to open of design mindset and visual field, observe natural world and experience personally humanities tradition, then can obtain abundant inspiration,, create a work that style is entirely different and enrich a content more.Now, the free but natural principle always pierced through O’NICE the innovation of the brand, this makes its market reaped no little benefit.The business spreads all over the O of second Europe and America’NICE, own more than 100 brand stores in 12 nations in the world.But according to the O’Ms. Claire of Pacific Asia(Hong Kong) representative of NICE introduces, 2006 get into Malaysia and Taiwan that market expectation Gao in China led that region at the beginning of the year.Ms. Claire says that more and more Chinese have already started taking off a very hard occupation to pack, more choose recreational dress, this variety is astonishing.China is a development to have a potential most quickly and most in the world of of consumption market, the consumer of China more and more feels now the recreational product gives they living bring of different feeling, become the necessary personality product in the people’s daily life along with the decoration, the consumer’s choice to the decoration also not only only contented with material, quality, and color…etc. basic factor, but more pursue full of easily felling of personality shape, personal status.We believe O’NICE the recreational decoration can’t definitely make them disappoint.

BE speaking of O’when the NICEE Chinese market develop strategy Ms. Claire happily says, Nice is the second tour city of France, ??The recreation spends a holiday divine spot, O’the development of NICE at Nice grow up to also can not get away from this.So when a lot of other nations in the world expand business in addition to in addition to index sign market economy etc., whether the excellent tour city also became unspoken rules, for example Pusan in Korea, fresh water pearl.We Peking in China, Suzhou, become all, Hangzhou, Xian, Qingdao and etc. development be full of the city of potential, vitality, recreational index number Gao to target for the point in the Year 2007′s and pass to control and charter authorization way to carry on business management.Pass by in July, this year and 10 months don’t at become all with recommending of Suzhou, currently already have intention to to of general merchandise market and a little bit other cooperation companies at talks, will also start a formal luck camp in February, 2007 most quickly, concretely expand business have already reached cooperation memo with a company that has much of market experience of Shenzhen, China.According to know, O’NICE market price combine uncertain in the high level, press Ms. Claire’s words to say, the Chinese market current magic power lies in gradually and hugely in wait incomes.

Jewelry is considered as the favorite of most of the people irrespective of the age. In fact the jewelry adds good charming to the people when worn along with the right kind of attire. Pearl is one of the beads that are loved by people of all age group. This is mainly because of the white color exhibited by pearl even though you can find pearl jewelry mixed with many different combinations. There are many places that are famous for the pearl jewelry and many people are in fact visiting these places mainly to purchase many types of pearl jewelry. You can find almost all kinds of ornaments with pearl and most of them are having at least one pearl set with them irrespective of the age. At the same time you need not have to be selective while thinking about the attire along with which you could wear the pearl jewelry. There are many online providers selling the jewelry through the virtual rooms.

The cities that surround Mediterranean all take to make the person imagine of color, Nice, France, the people of this world desire wanders about unhurriedly of spend a holiday divine spot, there have the flavor of utopia and floated sunlight, sea water and footloose smell floating to accomplish the most captivating art qualities in Europe forever in the air.Before two wars, Nice is favourite of the European nobility and include a sand emperor Ni thou pull one a life time widow, the British Victoria impress waited to all once visit there.Moreover, wild beast parties the art lead person Ma Di Si and Russia descent method book painter summer add the art museum of Er also for Nice again add heavy weight magic power, pearl jewelry.But be rated as carnival in the largest Nice in the world carnival undoubtedly is also increased infinite source of vitality for the city that is full of creativity inspiration.Turn a continuously communicating of the year to push forward along with medium French in 2005, come from French Nice of recreational decoration brand O’NICE also gradually got into the visual field of Chinese consumer.O’NICE is recreational decoration of the world lead, push vaster decoration profession to keep on a development.O’NICE provide to live a new life to activate and creative product, covered precious metal decorations, such as K gold and silver decoration…etc., clock and skin to have, and gave diverse function for product, pearl necklace, easily design a principle with its consummate craft and original MIX vogue and naturally, enriched people personality leisure.

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