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11 februarie 2011

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Outside Mei:Tai brush-off United Nations inspects cypress Wei the temple for summer
The method new agency Bangkok gives or gets an electric shock an officials of government to mean on the 10th on February 10, Thai objection United Nations teaches a section text organization inspection the cypress Wei summer temple.

Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman his Ni the Pa Di say:”Owing to current frontier situation, we think that United Nations teaches the section text the organization to send a delegation now it’s not satisfactory, may make problem more complicated.”

He says:”But if United Nations teaches the section text the organization to hope to inspect this temple, it should through Thai approval, because delegation necessarily through of the ground belong to our country territory.”

The cypress Wei summer temple sets up in 11th century and have been Tai Jian after July, 2008 drive listed as cultural inheritance in the world the focus of two country boundary disputes.World Court justifies in 1962 it belongs Cambodia, but Tai Jian two national capitals declare to own its district of surrounding square circle 4.6 square kilometers.Cambodia call on the 6th that that a part of the temples bombards but tumbles down because of encountering Thailand.

United Nations teaches the section text how to organize to say on the 8th, it intends to send a condition that delegation goes to the valuation cypress Wei in region’s summer temple “as soon as possible”.

Thai premier cover with to actually blame the inheritance committee of United Nations world to list as the cypress Wei summer temple cultural inheritance in the world to take point of dispute thus, suggest Thailand to hope to cancel cypress Wei that the position of temple is for summer.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs answers to ask for the conflict of Jian Tai, Egyptian situation, and dynasty talks…etc.

Ask:Cambodia with Thailand recently at two country frontier the region Be in armed clash.The Mainland for alleviated nervous situation to develop what function?According to understanding, the Security Council will convene a meeting on the 14th and discuss the Jian Tai frontier situation.Cambodia the aspect puts forward rare United Nations to send a soldier to the Jian Tai frontier region.Excuse me, the Mainland to the Security Council get involved to send peace- keeping forces with United Nations toward the Jian Tai frontier region hold what attitude?

Answer:Jian Tai two national capitals are the friendly neighboring countries of China.After conflict takes place, the Mainland kept with both parties of Jian Tai to touch elbow and pushed both parties to pass consultation solution concerning dispute.The Mainland appeals that both parties keep calm and overcome and avoid situation getting stripe further.

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