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16 februarie 2011

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Italian premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni sit astride boundary a romantic history
He is being a real estate tycoon, the medium huge crocodile and officialdom core, however counting the heart of hundred million fans in the world, he is that foot altar legendary figure-AC Milan big guy forever.Because of football, let him become world popularity and one of the biggest company Gus of influence;Because of football, help him by leap and bounds in Italian political arena, win a landslide victory;Similarly because of football, ancient sparse year of of the big guy illicit love scandal is particularly paid attention to by the external world.No wonder that, connect him to all admit by himself:Football and woman is favourite in the life!Ahead and soon, the on suspicion of and 17-year-old nonage young girl carries on having sexual intercourse easily, the old shell again sinks into bother in

Arrive tofrom the foot altar big guy the officialdom deathless bird

Here in the world, the rich is a lot of and have the power the person also a lot of, but current money again have the person of power in fact isn’t a lot of, but be the shell of Italian premier, AC Milan club president Lu Si Ke Ni but is such a gather money and power are at the whole body of legend type person.Two year agos, at ?blessing cloth Si ?the world of announcement ten greatly and most have the powerful person placard of power and influence and influence up, shell Lu Si Ke Ni impressively lines up in the third, only next to world wealthiest person Bill cover Ci and”absolute being” China Lun in Wall Street expect thin especially.

There were medium to once do an opinion poll for early some years, shell Lu Si Ke Ni of so can go into business the boundary ascend officialdom, the most important reason doesn’t is his success in the real estate field and the media field, but is because he personally created strong AC Milan in football field club.Because his success in football field, let he at local, the nations earned numerous people’s support.

74-year-old shell Lu Si Ke Ni with building industry house.At the end of 70′s in last century, shell Lu Si Ke Ni starts changing direction to have the media and tele-communications profession of influence most to the public and established thin rather Wei Si especially group.After several years, the old shell decides a military advance foot altar, he holds opportunity and successfully copies bottom and bought bottom to get close to bankrupt AC Milan at that time brigade.Under its management, AC Milan the brigade Be pre-eminent to grow and got into history up have never had of golden age.Also in that age, have the hundred million the Chinese fan to fall in love with this red and black army corps.

“The red is a demoniac color, while the black then send forth terrible breathing”, at get into the shell Lu Si section Ni ages after, the AC Milan costliness buying Joe tile Ni add many Nas of benefit, jade noodles King of Hell Ma Sa Luo, “be good enough to make saint west Luo is burnable” many ball stars with popular Ni etc.s, and appointed a Milan in former days player’s card wear Luo to administer handsome print, the Milan formally followed the road of overall renew.Afterwards, the insight knows a just old shell and discovers another handsome just Sa radicle.At that time, don’t compete to well display his district to defend in the Sa radicle teaching in the low class, the military tactics thought of aggressive aggression, this just like in at inflexible the Italian foot altar defending starts to blow a delightfully fresh cool breeze.Is exactly this, the Sa radicle of nobody impressed with to beg wise if the shell Lu Si section of the thirst Ni, he neglected the other people’s worry and doubt at that time, resolutely taught the letter of appointment of head the Milan and hand over be born this All Fools’ Day, was changed profession by the company of shoe be the Sa radicle hand of coach in.When the Sa radicle once connects the letter of appointment of old shell that a moment, he absolutely dares not believes all theses is all true, anyway also unexpectatively will have fortuitous like this, too agitated and tearful the Sa radicle personality in that time keep Zhao and always refuse to concede defeat, is inflexible, only break to particularly go, very be unsuited to cluster, but the shell Lu Si section the Ni believe deeply his/her own judgment, decide to press the whole wagers all at Sa radicle body up, use a person to doubt not, Yi person need not, he accepted buying of Sa radicle person’s plan and included three swordsmans in Holland among them, the decision wants to greatly do 1, really explain an all new red and black army corps legend story.

Beyond all doubt, the old shell brought Milan money and also brought Holland three swordsmans.Immediately, the AC Milan becomes the champion ball team that sweeps whole Europeses, numerous fans became hugging of red and black army corps in the world Dun.”Milan dynasty” is brilliant.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni’s influence also comes to a peak.He very clear, AC Milan’s success in the whole world, to push oneself in the media industry of continue to extend to have a how big advantage!

The business dynasty firmness starts constucting his/her own political dynasty behind Lu Si Ke Ni of shell.He believes firmly, oneself is only real to bring Italy the person of variety.80′s in 20th century, Italy in order to holding “clean hand sport” that the anti- Fu initiates Lian, the political structure and form contained the whole world upside down variety.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni seizes an opportunity but rises and established “Italian strength party” in January, 1994 and successfully win an election post-war 53th premier of government in Italy in March, 1994, from now on old shell real power for controling the core of Italian political arena.

Certainly, the official career that follows the officialdom empress old shell is also not Bon voyage, on the premier’s position ever two fell 3, can finally he can always earn more people’s support, and become “tumbler” of Italian political arena.

Twos are many before the month and influence because of sex scandal and the hush money, the old shell again fell among a trust crisis.However, in Italian Lower House no-confidence vote, the old shell still keeps exploring dangerous places to pass by 3 advantages.This”has no taboo” and”the scandal ties up a body” and have the 74-year-old old man of “crime suspicion”, good luck become the evergreen tree of Italian political arena?

In fact, the all these still keep being the advantage that comes from an old shell oneself.Sometimes the government expert once wrote analysis:Shell Lu Si Ke Ni is a politician who has “stem goods”.The old shell far from common generation, he makes a fortune starting from scratch first, with lend business artistic talent and personal effort, young already the backlog rise a huge sum of wealth, and acquire at the age of 41 in 1977 equal to our country”knight’s merit badge” of the national Lao mold honor.At the end of 80′s in last century, the Italian medium again and again use new phrase”shell the Ni doctrine of Lu Si Ke” and mean to brave to expand, actively enterprising entrepreneur spirit.Old shell from here at the national people, especially individual executive community in, earned very high reputation.Secondly, old shell since”true” and” truly”.He can cry bitterly to lose a voice while talking on the phone with Bush after”9 11 affairses” as well as Be candid in saying after sex scandal expose “I ain’t a sage, is like beauty”.He has the emotion and blemish of the common run of people, and the public Gao Gao in the impression at up, the bureaucrat image sincerely talking to carefully go is a vast difference between the two.He although the body occupies a high, rich can enemy country, be like a friend sort benignity;Although bother continuously,can usually be seen make is a showing unintentionally of true temperament.This kind of”true” and”truly” of the quality just widespreadly distrust to the politician of Italy particularly is valuable.Again, the old shell can often get other high-ranking officials’ support.He is on the international satge very active, not only with all countries leader maintenance authorities contact, and specially value develop private comity with them.He opens a friend with these politicians the fun of, make fun of the Ao Ba Ma’s skin to bask healthily, smile speech to send a strange beautiful wife to the Sa section, praise Putin’s muscularity, also usually invite them by private identity to own villa to spend a holiday.This kind of is intimate to relate to and make old shell regardless ruling still not in power, all often can get their voice support.

Should say, shell Lu Si Ke Ni’s advantage and personality, destine to make him become to turn bad luck into good of deathless bird.In the meantime, his personality characteristics and deal with affairs a way to also let resulted in the abruption of a kind of extremity in the people.”Supporter to his song achievement the praise is virtuous, in hopes of he lead Italy alignment prosperity;The opposite calls he is national humiliation and even carry on a body attack by violent means.”Two year agos, when the signature sells a book, the old shell once was opposed his people to hit with the small statue and almost hit the vital part.But, the all these shell Ni none of a point of Lu Si Ke minds, he still lives up to now extremely proud of success, let the person admire of life

Scandal continuously”hide-and-seek”

On February 9, come from an Internet up of news cause the external world to widespreadly pay attention to:The public prosecutor of Italian Milan formally sues a premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni, request that immediately starting to him is rapid to judge, the criminal charges is by a stretch of authority and Piao teenage prostitute.In the meantime, the prosecutor still hands in as long as 660 survey document of pages to the court and formally sue a shell Lu Si Ke Ni.The related pronouncement points out that”because the proof is ample”, the public prosecutor has already delivered to an application to the judge of place preliminary hearing and requests to initiate rapid judgment to shell Lu Si Ke Ni.In the Italian judicial system, if prosecutor could provide overwhelming proof, judge could carry on simplifying verdict.The prosecutor said that shell Lu Si Ke Ni once with is born at Moroccan of the strip tease dancer card rice Nuo(skill”dew compared”) carried on to have sexual intercourse easily, at that time she the year was only 17 years old.According to the Italian law, together 18 years old the woman as follows have sexual behavior to belong to a crime, tallest can penalize penal servitude for 3 years.Judge in the Milan place still declares, shell Lu Si Ke Ni once made use of the power that he/she was a premier and issued order that police released to was caught because of the thieves and burglars offense of card rice Nuo.It is said that the Xing of this criminal charges expects to be as long as 12 years.

Suddenly look, this is sex scandal crime of very severity, a man of the hour of this Italian political arena and commercial circles very likely falls from power wild, career and reputation are both ruined.However, for once experience numerous strong wind surge, once made numerous scandal affairses of old shell to say, for”bother” like this is already calmly from such as, good at repartee.

According to the statistics, this time the lawsuit will be an old shell the 2569th time face before court review, he once met more than 100 accusations and 2568 times faced a court to review, but almost old shells are all end winners every time.Because the Italian judicial system bureaucratic way of work is widely accepted, and has time limited efficacy the method restriction for two years, shell Lu Si Ke Ni as long as you as far as possible procrastinate case and review knot, can succeed in escaping the disaster of jail smoothly.

The as early as scandal is exposed a moment, the old shell adopted remediable measure in advance and led off public a video frequency, he definitely declares in the video frequency, oneself takes nothing court summons, because oneself would not like to give such a”illegal” and the survey of “BE ordered about by politics” is cannon-fodder.”I didn’t do any affair that make person’s shame.”Shell Lu Si Ke Ni said that” I would like to go to law court at any time, but accept a musting be of case non- political tendency judge, not those hopes pass this case to carry on the public prosecutor of the political stroke to me.”

Before the video frequency pronouncement of old shell appears, the affairs leading lady exposed a ratio to then take part in a television talk show and carried on clearness for the hearsay of oneself and premier.In these 20 minutes of talk show, this dance-hostess means that oneself has never been a prostitute, and shell Lu Si Ke Ni has never had irregular behavior as well to her.

The dew ratio reveals that the time in last year Valentine’s Day, oneself goes to the premier’s villa to take part in a party in response to a friend’s invitation.At that time, she at Milan a restaurant was a female to invite and also lay toward the old shell oneself was 24 years old and came from Egypt.The other party patiently listens to, didn’t doubt her identity.”I feel the respect that I get him”, this girl reveals, party be over after, shell Lu Si Ke Ni pleases expose to compare to own office, and gave her an envelope, in have 7000 euros.”He gave me 7000 euros, but connected a fingers to didn’t touch me.I feel he Be worth letting I say him like.”

Because the both parties main party concerned appears publicly to clarify, the crime affairs of old shell scandal immediately became “proof shortage”.

Interesting BE, because old shell of romantic, the beautiful female fan of some AC Milans even intends to become his “captive” on their own initiative.Lately, “female fan” Sa pulls give Ma Xi to come out to accuse an old shell.The Sa pulls give Ma Xi very high in the Italian popularity, her shape fire is hot and consistent is bared with brave famous, and she and too many idea A ball star contained exceedingly sentimental story.From completely inexperienced in society start to the vase of male audience”throw brick to lead jade” by plentiful full breast, the Sa pulls give Ma Xi to afterwards become a hot Italy female to manage gradually, it be in love the history it may be said fascinating Fen present, successively with because of firm Ji and Wei Ai inside, the shell He pull a rice to wait for someone in love.The Sa pulls gave Ma Xi to ever once have special feelings with little Luo in a year ago, although this feelings maintained time not long, indeed really in really that time little Luo’s girl friend.And, at that time little Luo at AC Milan effect, it is said that, the evil claw of old shell was to stretch at this time to give Ma Xi.Give Ma Xi public acknowledgement, the shell Lu Si section Ni once invited oneself to take part in sex party.Give Ma Xi to reveal to the Italian medium:”The shell Lu Si section Ni is addicted to very much to my body, he is always crying up me, and he ever invited me to join political arena, he told me then had advantage to me, but I didn’t like that kind of life, I liked to be free.”And still missed at that time giving of little Luo Ma Xi even still tried to pass he or she relationship with old shell help little Luo, she delivered a message for old shell, hoped the main appearance that the old shell can make little Luo re- return to Milan in, if the old shell is so willing to do, so she can also consider dating with old shell, “have sexual intercourse easily” like this really makes the person touch eyes shocking!

In fact, for the story of illicit love and sex of old shell, the external world becomes inured to the unusual, but old shell I not only don’t think disgrace, anti- think glory.A lot of situations, shell Lu Si Ke Ni always likes to take his/her own super strong function dint to say matter son.Last year, at Milan an international conference up, the old shell make fun of type ground enounced its”the playboy’s day” has been already ended, Be not”playboy” any more, but”flower flower old man”.This front, old shell because of being addicted to a young underwear female mold, and attend it 18 years old birthday party, make his second term wife lost patience a decision divorce.On the meeting, shell Lu Si Ke Ni faces to come from 30 ambassadors of near Mediterranean nations and commercial circles leader and continues to take a female to play trick.”Because all of us are Latin person” his Gao Diao4 enounces that the man from Latin-American country knows to appreciate beauty and appeals at the guest to will hold beauty interview Italy in the future, .

Recently, a movie that related the shell confusion love life of Lu Si Ke Ni of Italian premier also became the external world’s talking property.The be named ?lady and knight ? of movie, made use of a series of and embarrassed tape and eavesdrop dialogue reflection shell Lu Si Ke Ni’s sex scandal for the very first time.Related a shell Lu Si Ke Ni go back and forth in many emotion quarrels of female.The film still particularly related several cover girls that depend on a shell political position of Lu Si Ke Ni into officialdom and included 34-year-old and Italian and equal opportunity department minister Ma to pull among them Carl the method Ni is second.

If such a movie is shown, will cause in Italy how of great repercussions, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.The public opinion thinks that shell Lu Si Ke Ni and its governments certanly will make this film”fail before it gets started”.However, shell Lu Si Ke Ni before of romantic matter but can not cover up, as early as two year ago Spains ?nation report ? published 5 to is named “shell Lu Si Ke Ni doesn’t wish to show Italian’s people of photograph”.This 5 photographs are all taken by professional photographer and recorded a shell Lu Si Ke Ni once was located on at him to hold inside the villa of Sa D island of naked party, it is tightly and around a naked 5 halfs beauty to have a photograph among them at nearby, Lu Si Ke Ni of shell put to have the charmingly feminine posture of temptation dint very much.Moreover a photograph then two beauties of whole body barenesses stand by the side of shell Lu Si Ke Ni’s villa bathtub.Most make the person shocked of BE, still include a Czech ex- premier in these naked photographs rice thunder gram give wave to pull inside the gram, he last summer once visited inside the villa that here merged into in shell Lu Si Ke Ni.In the meantime, shell Lu Si Ke Ni even once made every effort an arrestment magazine to publish he revels in the Sa D villa in the island of about 700 photographs.Include in these photographs many naked and young womans includes this front drive spread the young girl mold that has illicit intercourse with Lu Si Ke Ni of shell especially.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni’s lawyer still puts forward to accuse to the court and calls that the photographer infringed upon shell Lu Si Ke Ni’s privacy and Be suspected of deceiving.Afterwards, these affairs are also unsettled.

In addition to news of illicit love and sex, as one country premier’s old shell in the attendant formal diplomacy situation of”not serious” action be also usually denounced by person-he once hid a street behind in the light and German chancellor Mo gram the Er played “hide-and-seek” game;Return to encounter to two there and then reprimanding angrily to of a life timeses of British queen Elizabeth because of”pull and push” in the public situation and American president Ao Ba Ma.At the same time, several female councilmans in the Italian parliament often mean disappointment behind to the premier’s speech.The treasure that comes from Italian left wing party groupings pulls wear a Lai space the inside once meant:”The premier always takes in the public’Latin lover’say a matter, again expressed he to the feeling that the chemisette is addicted to, to he but talks the womans seem all is need edible fresh meat similar he will use him in the international situation each time those are hard to accept, take female as topic of the Hun segment son gives Italian face up discredit, he should much spend some time to solve the nation needs to be worked out most of problem!”

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