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17 februarie 2011

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The sea south tour market price intervention takes effect to watch out for “exorbitant price” a rebound
New China net sea south channel on February 17 give or get an electric shock(reporter, Wang Cun Fu, ) in recent years, the “exorbitant price” guest room, seafood kills a guest and turns with quality to compete serious etc. becomes “Wan disease” that perplexs the sea south tour.The sea south Chinese New Year tour got full affirmation that the national day off does “the sea south day off tour the market order take charge of a beginning to see result” in 2011.But the legitimacy of the government temporary price intervention measure also once caused query, for just the international tour island but speech of start, how preventfroed the tour market”exorbitant price” phenomenon rebound, the establishment commodity price adjusted control long effect mechanism still heavy load through thick and thin.

Data picture:Three cabaret The Xinhua news agency in the second cities reporter iron English shoot

-”Exorbitant price” becomes international construction”confident great trouble” in tour island

2010 Chinese New Year, border in sea Yugoslavia travels construction in the island just when open the year of bureau, but the sea south”exorbitant price building” copies a sort to follow like the evil spirit.

The that time, three second guest house cabaret guest room prices, is rated as “madness”.The economic type cabaret soars range more than 100%, the common cabaret of four stars, five planets soars super 300% of range, and the deluxe brand cabaret soars range in 400%-500%.Second Long Wan, three second gulfs’ upscale cabaret, the every night of great majority guest room price is more than 10000 dollars and have of even be up to more than 10000 dollars 10.Someone measured to once calculate, at three second stay for a night, equal to go to the Maldive Islands swim on the seventh.

At second Long Wan, majority of cabaret building price ratios rose at ordinary times 3-500%.Such as pleased to ascend to spend a holiday February 12, 2010 of cabaret price for the elegant building of 2400 dollars, rise to 7650 dollars on February 15, the honeymoon suite of 9000 dollars rises to 49800 dollars;Ten thousand Haos spend a holiday a cabaret at ordinary times the top-class sea view suite of 3740 dollars rise to 30300 dollars every night and soared 700%;Beautiful China sea of the cabaret thinking Carl reside and the gold is luxuriant to reside respectively attain every night 6.80,000 dollars and 8.80,000 dollars.

Equally, the cabaret building of three second gulfs and big East China Sea price is also soaring.Three second gulf Kai guest Si radicle cabarets 1500 dollars or so mark building rise to 8280 dollars every night at ordinary times, 2000 dollars or so luxurious sea view building rises to 10880 dollars.Some four star class cabaret common buildings of big East China Sea, also 45100 dollars rise to from original every night 2000 diverse.

Last year, the visitor took advantage of an opportunity to rise the price, deceit guest hurl that killed a guest and obtained an exorbitant profits phenomenon to tell this to three second parts of seafood gear dining industry executives that Fu.2010 the end of every years of”exorbitant price seafood” more lets sea Yugoslavia image”receiving is abashed” in island is between traveling.On December 29, 2010, the 23 people team including guide to after three second”listen to tide a somebody else seafood square” consume, store square calculate the Zhang list of be up to 2.70,000 dollars.After guide appears publicly, the seafood’s gear agrees to offer a 40% discount, but still needs 1.70,000 dollars.The visitor reports to the police, under the coordination of the local police and the industry and business bureau, the visitors finally pay a 10,000 dollars meal fee.

This front, visitor in Zhejiang summer the Sir is a to investigate toward the spot of three second city Wei secretary the Ze Lin Tou of river told the circumstance that he/she eats seafood to get to kill on February 6, 2010, the three course of vegetables store house took 580 dollars, an among those red 160 dollars per catty of Di Diao, but other seafood stores then just sell 60 dollars, seafood price a store is a price, the price was like to take a mountain car.

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