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18 februarie 2011

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Write a way to have such a Jiao female whom women be called a sky in novel!

In the girl heart of this kind of type, oneself is second to none, the owners should flatter her and spoil her and is tolerant of her and take good care of her and fawn on her, all men see he or she should run and come over and dedicate affability, is the queen sort to her and provides, all women should not are more beautiful than he or she, is attracted to oneself than more visions.And she does what is all right, which afraid the mistake is also other people of not right.Her neck lifts highly forever high of, vision it hope to the horizon the most profound place, can’t see other people, see not pure oneself more.

Still remember very early very early past oneself once said probably such a words:

Have no love to arrive the dated idle away, along with horary of elapse, the clothes become old, the wine changes Chen, the ideal becomes nihilist, the love changes change what inhospitality?

The beautiful girl friend who just think to originally loves deeply suddenly the hair drop the light all over the face dark Chuang, who can insist again loving every night is her decade strong and as before?

The surface sees, these words are partial to arouse very much, however this kind of is partial to to arouse medium don’t can recognize of include fact, this fact 1,100 times takes place in different corner in the world every day.

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