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24 februarie 2011

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Breakfast:Because didn’t eat for a night, the human body blood sugar descended, if abridge breakfast, will make our a morning of emotion all unsteady.The reasonable breakfast should be laid equal stress on with the staple food and the protein, but want to avoid the food of baked wheat cake, twisted dough-strips etc. grease Gao, the after meal eats some fruit again, will make you the absolute being is all day long pure to annoy great.

Lunch:Chinese food choice when the noodles eat avoid fried noodles, instant noodles, but with the consomme noodles add green vegetables for lord, don’t definitely pour hot oil.When frying in oil a type of food was edible, the first essentials peeled off the skin once frying in oil to eat again, can reduce calories to take.

Dinner:The office worker’s dinner is usually the hat of three meals, but the evening is a day, the minimal time of activity opportunity, if in great quantities take a meal at this time, the calories can not just the right amount metabolize, will convert into a fat storage in the body, over a long period of time such become fat.So dinner should with low calories and seven divide satisfied is lord, just the right amount increase the quantity of vegetable, also need to remember three hours before sleeping inside forbid to have meal, the midnight snack had better not eat.

On this foundation, arrange by little food many mealses for a day, food had better, if you want to eat some dessert that snack can eat some low calorieses in the afternoon, can also lower dinner to take quantity.

Reduce weight the theest most difficult of the affair is to have to have a resistibility to the delicacies, however real have again how many persons can make?The small plait recommends ten greatest foods, let you the skillful control appetite easy weight reduction.In the morning get up to eat some oatses that have no sugar will make you reduce hungry.Rich contain abundant meal of fiber.


The west has a byword:”Is one apple for a day, the doctor keeps off me.”The nourishment of apple is worth of very high, a big of the apple imply about 5 grams of celluloses, this is good enough to let the stomach digest a period of time.The dissolubility fiber-fruit within apple gum, can also effectively decline low cholesterol.

Flaxen seed

The flaxen seed more and more becomes popular body have to of fatty acids, imply a dissolubility fiber.At you of add a little amount and flaxen seed in the cream cheese, contribute to consuming body surplus fat.


The caffeine is very familiar in the life, however we mostly didn’t realize the effect that he has already repressed appetite.The caffeine stimulates nerve and makes the person excited.While eating a little amount caffeine will stimulate central nervous system, lower appetite in the certain degree.

Drink water more is also one important of ease the method of hungry feeling.When our felling is tired, we will think Be getting more hungry, but in fact we may be short of water, so drink water more is very important.


Hoodia is a kind of food of good control appetite.It is produced to Africa, take while at the beginning being a hunter to hunt of used for an anti- shot hunger.

Chicken vegetable soup

Drink some very good method that the soup is to control food before rice.The hot soup very very strong satisfied stomach function, each calories is again very low, very suit is reducing weight a period to eat.The nourishment value of the chicken and vegetable is high, can’t also for you of reducing weight and bringing burden.

Ground mustard

When you eat sushi or sashimi of time add some ground mustard sauce will help you reduce appetite.In addition to controling appetitive effect, it is resisting cancer to contain very big effect.

Oaten gruel

In the morning get up to eat some oatses that have no sugar will make you reduce hungry.Enrich to contain an abundant meal fiber, have many be good for a healthy living creature function can lower glycerin three fats of low density fat egg white.Have very big advantage to the body.


The salmon is the food of good control food and come from it enriches to contain abundantly to the human body beneficial healthy fat.


Just the right amount of of the almond will be the best food of your control food.It is a delicious dessert, at you of the of main meal is edible will effectively lower appetite for you, in the meantime it the fats implied are all healthy and absorb to have much of advantage to the body appropriately.

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