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25 februarie 2011

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Valuing unit unsaturated fatty acid is sour.The food of low fat, not only can reduce a contracting of heart attack rate, and can reduce the occurrence of breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate gland cancer.But only attention control cooking oil of quantity still not enough of, also need to notice the comparison of matching with various fatty acids.

The saturated fatty acids(most existence animal fat in) will cause serum cholesterol ascension, with not more than all 1|s in the oil quantity 3 is proper, rest of 2|3, can use unit unsaturated fatty acid(Be existed to the rapeseed oil and the olive oil in) and polyunsaturated fat.(Be existed to plant oil in, like soy-bean oil, and peanut oil…etc.)

In addition to fat, the age is also the factor that influences blood pressure, but replaces saturated fat with the unit unsaturated fatty acid, not only can keep blood pressure normal, but also can also lower “bad cholesterol”(low density fat protein), but don’t reduce “good cholesterol”(high definition fat protein), therefore, can attain the purpose of protection heart.

The food is simple elegance to preventfrom high blood pressure.Some people eat many sodium(the main composition of table salt), form high blood pressure but lack self-knowledge.The American national science, hospital once suggested that the taking of sodium measured everyday with not over 2400 milligrams of is limit, very is about one teaspoon.But should notice, a lot of food finished products all imply a sodium, so food with simple elegance is proper, otherwise very easily absorb the sodium of surfeit but cause high blood pressure.

The vegetable fruit protects peaceful.Eat vegetable, fruit, grain and bean more, can acquire various cellulose, this is very important towards supporting middle age later of health.Like whole corn, parts of fruits and the dissolubility fiber in the bean, can lower serum cholesterol.But various different celluloses come together together and then has the function that the decrease contracts colon cancer.If the vegetable fruit chosen by you enriches to contain ? -carotene and vitamin C, you will acquire the anti-cancer effect of larger scope.

Drinking milk more can keep bone substance from running off.In the health care food of middle age, should include a great deal of calcium quality food, is the milk product of particularly low fat, because abundant of the calcium quality is the good method that preventfroms a bone soft.

In the modern medical science, have already discovered calcium quality the women are to the middle age particularly is importance.The American hemp saves Daniel of university medical college Ba Lan teach, 30 years old to 37s-40-year-old menopause front of the women carried on an on trial observation and arranged the low fat high calcium food for 20 among them and took 1500 milligrams of calciums everyday.Moreover 17s only use common food and contain calcium to measure to 800 milligrams.After 3 years, in a set of women who adopts high calcium food have already over 40 years old, still has no the phenomenon that the bone substance runs off, but eat a set of women of low calcium food, the running off of bone substance rate reaches to 3%, the performance of this difference, expect an orchid the professor believe and wait until women who take the high calcium to arrive menopause, the difference will be more obvious.So to the women over 30-40 years of age, calcium quality take every day, would not until more than 1000 milligrams be sufficient.

The skim milk is the best source of calcium quality, a cup skim milk contains 300 milligrams of calcium qualities, but only 86 card calorieses, in addition, the skim milks all have already added vitamin D, it is more likely to promote the absorption of calcium quality.Therefore, milk is a kind of good beverage.
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