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3 martie 2011

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The card is firm thin open the east front force opposition faction to look for a military to help
On March 2, the Libyan opposition faction means to look for a military to help to the international society.Being located on a class to add west transition people’s committee is positive”ask for help of American air force to fight card firm the thin political power supervise and control of strategic facilities” of the possibility carries on a discussion.

Russia ?business the person report ?reported on March 3 a way to say, Libyan situation yesterday occurrence sharply variety, card firm the thin troops started aggression to several cities of Libyan east.This front is once vigorous to oppose the opposition faction that foreign military interferes with and have to change an attitude, either now.For matching with March 2″the new political power establishes” in Libya is 34 anniversaries, the card firm thin troops start aggression to a few important cities in the east, there is Libyan petroleum export ground, distribute a lot of petroleum companies.The card firm thin air force carried on an air attack to a few strategic facilities that the opposition faction controls and still included powder magazine and opposition faction to come together ground among them and covered at the air force later on the army and tank troops also started aggression, the witness called a government the soldier started out 500 armoured vehicles.

The expert points out firm thin troops of card currently about 5000-12000 people, among them hard strength from the card tie a thin son card rice the Si lead the 32th mobile big brigade is fought an elite by the Libyan troops to constitute.For all that, the card firm thin troops didn’t obtain special result and blockaded a few regions that the Bu thunder adds harbor very difficultly.

This front, the Libyan opposition faction means though may encounter “bio-chemical weapon” threat,also determinedly boycott a foreign military interference.But the situation make them have to reconsider this proposal with the deep impression.An opposition faction meant while accepting a foreign reporter to cover:”Probably we have to ask for help foreign strength to carry on air stroke to the strategic region, this will become the nail that nails fast(card firm thin) coffin”.

Russia ?newspaper report ?report way, Russia halts NATO to represent Luo space Jin mean, NATO considers willing establish to forbid to fly area in Libya in the near future.The Luo space Jin calls:”They plan in the Libyan region to forbid the card firm thin airplane and helicopter to get into at least, this is to carry on air to fight to the opposition faction for prevention”.According to know, NATO two battleship have already appeared in the Libyan littoral currently.

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