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4 martie 2011

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Add the benefit second promise racial discrimination words and actions the apology will face to throw into prison and penal sum
According to The Xinhua news agency electricity France well-known vogue brand Chris Ting Di Ao company former designer John of chief add the benefit second promise to be suspected of the words and actions apology of racial discrimination for he or she on the 2nd.He was fired by Di Ao companies a day ago, at present was just investigated by police, probably the this week end appeared at court.

Add the benefit second promise on the 2nd through admire Bo Er and Liu Yi Si’s law firm release to extend apology a pronouncement especially:”I without any reservation apologize for my words and actions.”However, add the benefit second promise says, he “complete” denies concerning he’s words and actions is suspected of the accusation of racial discrimination and calls the racial discrimination”at our societies didn’t have a foothold of ground”, but”I admit, aim at my accusation to make public shocked with annoyed, I have to undertake a responsibility”.He says that oneself positive”look for a help” with rectifies personal mistake.

The Di Ao company declares to dismiss to add the benefit second promise on the 1st and calls that his words and actions presents “make the person hate of man’s natural character”.Parisian autumn winter fashionable dresses week have already drawn back a purdah currently, the series demonstration of Di Ao will hold at the tomorrow.Not a few vogue field personages guess and add the benefit second promise to”be unemployeed”, will receive shadow the Di Ao series demonstration.A luxury goods related website initiates person, Susan, , gram in Taba says, the demonstration of Di Ao will up, people originally should pay attention to a vogue new product that the on the stage displays, now but may change direction a topic to add the benefit second promise.The vogue field Er card of analyst, Lu Ka Suo, says, though adding the benefit second promise has already walked person, the Di Ao company may reserve his name of”artist” and continue to hold a demonstration meeting, “this also proceed from as to it’s he demonstration meeting the staff member’s respect”.

Another according to Reuter’s report way, police in capital city Paris, France is beginning to investigate this case.The prosecutor released to declare on the 2nd, adding the benefit second promise would try at court to June in April.Once the criminal charges establishes, he will face 6s to throw into prison for the tallest month and 22,500 euros(about USD 31,000) penal sum.

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