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7 martie 2011

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The French poll result vibrates government and people president the Sa section is strange to cannot compare with the rightest politician
According to the British broadcasting company(BBC) report way, opinion poll result suggests, France the rightest floor leader Ma Lin the Lei is huge(Marine Le Pen) to win the head of next year’s presidential election round victory and vibrate French government and people.

The poll that is started by French newspaper Le Parisien suggests that take over a father to let this January-Ma Lin the huge Lei become Ma Lin of”citizen’s line of battle” party leader the Lei is huge, its vote is led to a rest candidate.She got 23% votes, compare president the Sa section is strange to leader Martine with socialist party Aubry all Gao 2 percentage points.

French presidential election in 2002, let-Ma Lin the Lei Be huge to lead in the head round, just at time round rout in hope to pull a gram.But poll data indicate that let-Ma Lin poll support of the huge Lei lead the current support rate of Gao Guo his daughter never.

France is partial to the newspaper of winning the left wing ?the liberation report ?report way said, “poll after, the politicians at careful is as hesitant as of dismay”.

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