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8 martie 2011

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The pox prints a grade choice to print a method point to review to the pox
1.Fair product:

The most simple method is to use some fair products more, each big brand of fair the liquid, fair emergency mask washing noodles milk and fair essence is an all quite good choice.The principle comes up to say this products are the all the most simple curves to save a country and pass fair fade black to attain to downplay the function that the pox prints,

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The product is numerous on the market, the suggestion chooses to purchase to before and first check once related news.The fair product suitable entry-level pox prints.

2.Vitamin E and ginger slice:

The friend recommends some slices or Wei E used ginger to outside use to print place in the pox on the net, these two methods printed to especially just produce to the pox of the pox prints to still have certain effect.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The Wei E may block a hair bag very much also consequently cause pimple of once again abrupt, or cause the creation of fat grain because the skin can not completely absorb, so easily big slice of friend who grows a pimple must be careful.

3.Light son|colourful light delicate skin:

Light the son delicate skin(Taiwan is again called pulse light) print to the pox and the effect of the Ba of pox is only all very obvious, and pass the son delicate skin treatment and not only print to the pox and the Ba of pox have a certain improvement and all have a very obvious improvement to bloody silk, pore bulky etc.s.Only the son delicate skin current price from 1500-6000 treat a distance each time the etc. generally treat a distance to divide 4-6 treatments each time not, 21 day once, usually after a treatment that treats a distance, the skin will adjust to a better appearance, but many friends who once did respond light son delicate skin effect general time that can maintain around half year.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:Generally speaking prints to lighter pox and the Ba of pox is a treat a distance can take of quite good effect, but the treatment that treats a distance of many more serious possible demands.Parts of users once responded light the son delicate skin easily causes skin allergic, this hasn’t researched, but also wants the adequacy to notice.

4.Household-use type pulse light instrument:

It is look like with the light son delicate skin on the principle, the function is also basic same, print to the pox, the Ba, bloody silk and skin of pox all have better improvement function over oil, hair follicle bulky etc.s.

Of so alone put forward come is because the household-use pulse only compares light the son delicate skin have more advantages:Price cheapness, with everyone will worship more”motion brilliance hairdressing massage instrument” in the near future for example, the selling price is about 1600 and still cannot compare with many light the son delicate skin of half price, but can use over a long period of time, more substantial on the price;The function is abundant, many friends in addition to the pox prints still has the harassment that the chaperonage has pimple and pore bulky etc. problem, household-use type pulse light the instrument can have a certain improvement to these problems;Its safety is finally a little bit count for much, household-use type the pulse not only allergic sex skin of simply wanting to compare the son delicate skin to only is much moderate can use, and to some extent can also in aid of repair of this skin.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The household-use pulse light instrument also has its weakness, that is to take effect slowly and generally need to be used for three months or above would have more obvious effect, this is the to the friend of big parts of quick-tempereds likely to be not small test.

5.The tartaric acid changes a skin:

The tartaric acid changes the tartaric acid peeling off aging periostracum of the skin usage high density, the renewal speed of the acceleration upper level epidermis cell, solve a pox to print thus, Ba and pore of pox are thin bulky, crease etc. a series of problem, especially print to have better improvement effect to the pox of shallow layer.Because the tartaric acid changes a skin operation ascend opposite more simple, the tartaric acid on the market changes a skin product currently a lot of, even have many brands also releasing household-use tartaric acid to change a skin series product, bait of beautiful woman suggests everyone or goes to each big beauty salon or hospital to do tartaric acid to change a skin, because of high density tartaric acid operation very easy creation side effect.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:Although tartaric acid product with taking effect is quickly effective but Zhao said, tartaric acid product the usage may cause horniness to become thin to cause allergy, bloody silk thus very much over a long period of time of etc. is various linger effect, therefore using a tartaric acid product to still need over a long period of time is careful.Generally speaking the tartaric acid changes a skin demand to treat distance more several month treatments then can get rid of the Ba of pox, price from treat a distance each time several hundred to several thousand don’t wait.The tartaric acid changes a skin to the initial stage and medium the pox of shallow layer print the Ba of pox over a long period of time effective.

6.The microlite whets to pare:

The microlite whets to pare is keep on jet microlite’s grain at the skin surface through a and clean surface layer cell through the function of being similar to”the sand paper dozen whets” and stimulate horniness cell and collagen thus rebirth, attain the function of cleaning the Cuo scab scar and small crease.The microlite pares to whet to have better improvement function to the Ba of opposite deeper pox, this is its very great advantage.

Currently microlite’s paring to whet has already been more and more accepted by everyone, many beauty salons also release service like this, the price is in 2000-10000 dollars|treat a distance not to wait.Want to remind everyone here, but the microlite pares to whet to operate a personnel to have very tall request to the instrument and specially and easily produce some badly reaction, everyone chooses that the microlite musted choose that the regular big hospital carries on while paring to whet.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The microlite had to carry on under the sistuation that not grow a pimple while paring to whet, the process might slightly have ache and pared to whet an early face to contain certain influence, love of beauty of must think first before the MMs do clear.The microlite pares grinding another great weakness is very suddenly to produce dye calm and steady, therefore pare and whet and defend and bask and maintain a work and consequently seem to be count for much behind.The microlite whets to pare to medium deeper pox print the Ba of pox over a long period of time effective.

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