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9 martie 2011

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The American diplomat prelects medium criticize people Japanese officials in Okinawa to request to apologize
Okinawa County, Japan knows that the matter Zhong well true Hong waits officials more, the fieriness attacks a bias that the United States is ex- to halt a Japanese diplomat to announce for Okinawa speech and intends to look for this officials to take back a speech on the 7th and make an apology.

Prelect medium batch Okinawa people

Cause people dissatisfied U.S. officia in Okinawa to be named Kevin Ma E, 56 years old, serve as the United States to halt Okinawa consul-general for 2006-2009 years, at present serve as an American State Department, Japan everywhere long.

At the request of beautiful benefit hard university in capital city Washington, the United States, Ma E last year December 3 in order to prepare to leave for Tokyo, Japan and the student that short date in Okinawa study abroad to prelect, speak about oneself to experience in the work of Japan and to the viewpoint of Japan.

Common agency in Japan cites several students classroom notes report way, Ma E is in the process of prelecting in criticize people”lazy must even the bitter gourds would not like to grow” in Okinawa.

Speak about the Pu base in the sky of American solider who Be located on the halting of proper wild living quarter in the gulf City in Okinawa County day, Ma E says, people in Okinawa have been enouncing Pu for sky the base is the “the most dangerous” airport in the world, but in fact be not so return to matter.Fukuoka and the public airport in Osaka equally close to residents’ area, the Pu base in the sky unlike these two airports are more dangerous.

Ma E says that county government in Okinawa and people is again and again opposes moving a plan inside the base county, the purpose gets hold of more money from the Japanese government hand.He call”be good at bilking and blackmail Japanese government of good hand” to people in Okinawa.

The Japanese officials request to apologize

Ma E’s speech causes people strong disaffection in Okinawa County.Okinawa County knows matter Zhong well really says on the 7th, the words”let me query the meaning that the United States halts existence in Okinawa consular post” said by Ma E.

The county assembly councilman of some Okinawa says that the parliament will adopt a resolution on the 8th and request Ma E to take back the speech made combine apology.That Ba city assembly in Okinawa County’s anticipating will be adopting a similar resolution for same days.

Japanese officer building the superior and the foreign affairs big minister is wild male luckily on the 8th on the Upper House budget committee, rebuke the bias speech that the U.S. officia aims at Japanese people.

Is wild to say on that day:”If the affair belongs to actually, then hurts feelings in Okinawa and whole day this people and makes the person hard to is tolerant of.”He thinks that”the United States is studying how should to this affairs” probably soon will do an explanation.

Defend the big minister north Ze handsome United States says, if the speech is true, “that completely fools people in Okinawa, very make person sorry”.

The student’s classroom notes”not the integrity is also incorrect” defense for Ma E to accepts common agency interview says how oneself beyond control student reads his speech, .

However, listen to lesson the student declare categorically take note to belong to actually.A student says that he unexpectedly will announce this kind of speech that is full of prejudice to feel surprised to an American officials of the government.

The United States halted the embassy in day to announce to declare on the 7th, Ma E’s words didn’t represent an American government position, “the American government respect Okinawa and local people very much

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