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11 martie 2011

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The woman isn’t like a riddle that the solution does open forever and always makes the man feel helpless.Recently, the “science spot” net in the United States tallied up the female’s 9 characteristicses and reminded that the man has to understand.

The age is more old to more love an adventure.The man will more and more think greatly of feelings along with the growth of age, but the woman is more and more interested in adventure.The old-age female is full of a new desire to the life, full of and adventurous spirit.

It is twice”puberty” from cradle to the grave.Woman at 40 many year old want to experience the second-time”puberty”-menopause.It usually begins from 43 years old, at 78 years old attain high peak.In addition to menstruation disharmony nighttime perspire a lot, also very irascibility.

The brain is subjected to pregnant influence.8 weeks of female pregnancy front, Huang Ti Tong increases 3000%.The pregnancy can not only stabilize female emotion, but also help to sleep to feel so much.

Easily lose “sex” interest.Female sexual appetite than the male alter is influenced.In a bad humor, pregnancy, look after a kid and extremely Be canned influence its sexual appetite by etc.s.

Don’t like to work out a problem with the fist.The man habitually settles dispute with”fist”.But research expresses, the female inclines toward more a processing problem by”convert enemy into friend”.

The accompanying you is her biggest fun

You are playing ball, she also likes to sit a present side and listens to MP3, a words all don’t say, the performance for following you closely, although she doesn’t like ball movement.You of happy of time, she really thinks to nearby see the appearance that you smile at you.At the time that you lost, she and at that time comforted you by the side of you and wanted to break head to want to help you.

You sit up to arrive very late, her QQ or msn accompany you together bright.If you logged out and registered again a to see, her head was like dark.Do you know?Her cook’s arriving is just waiting you.This is her fun.

She can’t always request you to concede first

The boy wants atmosphere and forgives and compromises to often need to show to come out.In feelings, having a little the antinomy is normal, whet even everyone’s wound always also need a person is a concession, this is the best way that gets rid of a misunderstanding.Want, is be not she can’t always request you to concede first and Be just she to habitually use some skills for acting in pettish, very careful but again sincere of, pardon beg you, returning can request to her what.

In her eyes, you of is good

Don’t pass any living space that the information that has something to do with you integrate into you, friend’s turn.The friend that become friends with you, the chain takes office where the friend’s page of your space message and reads the movie and book that you like and go to the restaurant that you like and strolls the brand store that you like, even in an awkward manner mimicry you appreciate of opposite sex type.She isn’t not enough well, but want to become better, suit you more, more easily get you of approbation and endorse.

She will cover up for you

Sometimes spoiling is also right, she adheres to the Qian rule of “the bad matter doesn’t go out” at least.Still remember her and your family, classmate or friend together of time, that kind of is thin the business of number or indirect way clear your weakness, in no case will speak from her, which afraid just fun.

Because there is the love to you, to you of loyalty, she may feel your some time do so and so don’t to, but she still will think the square tries the face that needs for your man of foot and help you dozen circle field, seek a step bottom for you, insolates happiness, says you of well.

The ancients early has the view of “the woman is like clothes” and also well embody of the attraction of the female lord person’s degree, embodied the hardships of love more.If is above circumstance, so congratulate you, you got piece”brand clothes”, Be worth worshiping, prostrate un worship.

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