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15 martie 2011

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Seven Xun the academician start a business to record
76-year-old academician’s hair in the Chinese engineering, hospital two be within the reach of its research teams raises by oneself a funds, set the Big Dipper that set up science and engineering thunder section electronics information technique limited company in Peking, was engaged in an independent development navigates the industry of chip and computer terminal to turn.Company under the sistuation that only have 1,000,000 dollars investment, that year carries out production value more than 10000 dollarses 2000, the profits is more than 10000 dollarses 400.

Hair two can”go into village” start a business and founded science and engineering university in Peking to found a school 70 in the last years the teacher descend sea first river.

In 2010, the north science and engineering has 3 professor’s success”go into village” the establishment business enterprise again.The school’s set quest that set up academics joint-stock company starts showing an effect.

In the this year, in the pass village science city construction breaks ground and early have the north science and engineering to prepare to at the right moment take up this express train.

The item should not only is a high building and a group of cluster talented personses, but the wide degree of depth, system innovation that includes to investigate to the current research system, carry out attitude, independent strength for innovation for ambition.These, make the construction of science city stood to a new high that has ever had degree.

Arrive tofrom academician in the engineering hospital a company shareholder

“Hair two can the academician count unchangeable, forever station educate the forefront of the business in the research, overrun difficult situation.He is like a candle and even if stand erect rains and winds still only heat not Shuai”this is a compliment hair that spread in the science and engineering university of Peking two can of song, be named ?without the candle of regrets ?.

The many peoples all know hair two can, the university enters north China an university the faculty of engineering(science and engineering university precursor in Peking), graduation after stay work in the school by excellent result, from now on hair two can step on to offer advertising for of whole life for the radar business distance.

In 1995, hair two can win an election for academician in the Chinese engineering, hospital.The radar laboratory that he leads acquired a national invention prize 6, department class in the province great science and technology progress prize is 17.

In November, 2009, made a lifetime the hair of research two can, lead radar is close to half of people to start establishing an academics company, be engaged in conversion and industry of research result to turn.They borrow from friend to 500,000 dollars and pluses 500,000 dollars of policy reward in the school and set up science and engineering thunder section electronics information technique limited company in Peking by 1,000,000 dollars registrar’s office and exclusively is engaged in the industry that the Big Dipper of independent development navigates chip and computer terminal to turn.

“2010 that year this company completed the production value of 20,000,000 dollars, the profits was more than 10000 dollarses 400, in the near future under way capital increase and ownership of a share of company encourage, the New Year’s Day ex- school party Wei will have already granted the ownership of a share of that company to encourage a project.”The science and engineering university vice-president of school, Yang Shu Xing , of Peking says.

The reporter understands, science and engineering university in Peking did enough “inside achievement” and built to have to register and finally carry out the whole process cooperation terrace that science and technology result industry turns from the company.

The school puts forward, the teacher supports an establishment business enterprise with job science and technology result, school can will with technique result 50% of share that property shares praise personal to the teacher.On top of that, the school encourages the horizontal research budget that the teacher uses surplus and establish an academics the companies carry on a research result conversion, and praise 60% to the teacher personal.

Most make person happy of is encourage in the company ownership of a share this time in, at the beginning from more than 20 teachers of company that radar joins, everybody acquired company share, the everyone got real benefit.

And hair two can also satisfy very much, because he and all research results of his team in, have already nearly had 30% to start industry turning, service national defense, Be brought benefit to to a people.In the future, his for use by the military radar technique for developing will still just high speed railway etc. use in the track circuit.

Yang Shu Xing said while accepting a reporter to cover:”From school and research hospital to say, everyone always starts having 2 to worry, 1 are a stateowned property how handle, the another is a teacher to do a business enterprise at the outside will influence research work in the school.But, hair two can establish the solid instance of company clear, his business enterprise not only carried out the production value and income of more than 10000 dollars 2000 last year, that year got into the research budget of finance in the school to also increase 55%.The natural fund item that the company team’s application acquires, had a college half above, the SCI thesis announces an amount to also have half in the whole hospital.The fact proves that hair two can the academics of the team company, not only make the research budget high speed growth, and extensively transfered the researcher’s research aggressive.”

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