16 martie 2011

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2011 rabbit year good lucks carry power

Whole luck power
The friend who was born in the year of the Monkey meets a rabbit for year, it the year Ji star, fierce star totally face, the luck certainly specially notice an officer fair the occurrence of the non- argument.To is born in the year of the Monkey of the person does a good luck hint:One is a life is settled by the form, pass through a rabbit with the good luck product of particular shape for year;Furthermore is a life is livinged by the heart, we pay attention to water Song Gua in the sky of Yi King and take it as instruction, the Song is the Song of specialized litigation and mean quarrel, rub and struggle etc. problem.This year although easily appear these problems, as long as we guide their ourselves with the Yi King water Song Gua in the sky, can definitely tide over difficult period.

Luck in making money
This year of friend that was born in the year of the Monkey the luck in making money is steady.Positive wealth at due east square, be partial to a wealth in the northeast.Better month of luck in making money is a January, in February and in Marchary, this a few months, the beard holds very personal luck in making money, easily can produce wealth.

The friend, who was born in the year of the Monkey, is a little bit smooth on the business a little bit formely, can get magnate to help each other, or the help of superior’s elder, and then have the business opportunities to can develop, this year for personal provided a good satge.But rebeled against authority this year of suspicion, should be low-key to be a person, steady work, ten thousand matters can not be strong successful in career, the in order to prevent recruits a person envy, but ask for to a disaster.The machine shoulded much strive for to make money treats kindly a friend colleague.

The friend that was born in the year of the Monkey this year of feelings has a more problem, because the red Luan star appears and forms this year and too year old mutually blunt of power, so want to more notice, use stability as the starting point of feelings, keep harmonious, would become more beneficial to oneself.

Healthy aspect
The friend that was born in the year of the Monkey healthy aspect and too the year old form a gold wood mutually the power of the gram, the gold wood mutually has and notices the bitterness of surgical operation more, the disaster of knife wound, attention health, absolutely not to do dangerous action.

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