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21 iunie 2011

Don’t make”the state of the nation says” ruined Chinese milk
Milk profession held recently of internal seminar up, the milk industry association chairman of the board Wang Ding Mian of Guangzhou City thought an existing milk industry of our country standard world lowest, mainly because is kidnap separately by the big business enterprise.But milk in Inner Mongolia help a that D wood of Secretary-general virtuous then think, establishment milk quality standard wants to set out from the state of the nation.

Listenned to “the state of the nation says”, the in the mind canned not help a burst of hair cool.Delivering is cool since for the country the people is also Chinese milk.I understood on the whole, why the Chinese milk meeting faces today market circumstances like this.

Since a period of time,
12 volt led lighting ocean milk powder again and again Pu quality dispute.However, this has never influenced Gao Ge Meng of ocean milk powder to enter.The statistics expresses that at on the market, our country high level milk powder’s the ocean milk powder market quota already above 90%, the 80% above local consumer thinks, the foreign milk powder quality surpasses local milk powder.Why will the market appear understanding like this?Think of at three gather cyanotype An affairs before, the domestic milk still sits to catch fire a car to eat to catch fire a pot to hum ditty.Who can’t take health to play trick, either, there in no simple geography solution for”the Chong ocean is obsequious to foreigners”, the core problem of its back, be standard.Inside the outside is different from of dual standard, brief protected a Chinese milk business enterprise, equally make the people lose confidence to the milk Qi.

Standard dual, the background is “the state of the nation says”.Helping that D wood virtuous parlance of Secretary-general according to milk in Inner Mongolia is producing milk peak season, overwhelming majority region in the north produces of milk, the protein content could not reach 2.95 international standards, if the milk article business enterprise carries out according to the international standard, led lighting residentialmilk will pour out, “Department of Agriculture did a great deal of benefits that the investigation mainly sets out from the state of the nation and look after the most majority of milk agricultures and like this lowered standard once”.This declines once, that declines once and is responsible for the milk Qi, who be responsible for the consumer?For standard it say, Chinese consumer association the lawyer is round and round long Chiu the treasure Chang once had been already elaborated, “standard it contended for is an aregument of benefits”, standard a little bit lower, have a great deal of business enterprise be put into, but standard a Gao, some business enterprises that the production ability fell behind will be eliminated bowl out, “our some standards exactly compromised some fall behind a business enterprise, the quality isn’t high”.”
led home lightingThe big business enterprise kidnaps to say” called by milk industry association chairman of the board Wang Ding Mian of Guangzhou City is in fact such a meaning.

“The state of the nation says” sees protect Chinese milk Qi, can in the market economy environment, people sees quality but doesn’t see “state of the nation”, the standard different quality is different and by all means cause market reaction different.The reality is to so open fun with us, the standard compromised to fall behind a business enterprise and fell behind a business enterprise to be to become naturally, not only don’t think enterprising, on the contrary get worse, caused piling up one after another of food trouble.But the consumer for the country produce milk harm, finally gave up domestic milk, went to the bosom of ocean milk to embrace.In other words, the domestic milk meets today of embarrassed circumstances, say on the equal meaning being what “the state of the nation says” result in.

Today’s Chinese milk can say, already”till the most dangerous time”.Exactly compromise by falling behind standard to fall behind a business enterprise, still keep insisting international standard even higher standard pour to force a business enterprise, in fact this is no longer what choice.Say for the Chinese milk Qi, haven’t chosen, past career enunciation, compromising to fall behind will fall behind more, pouring to force to fall behind then can get away from to fall behind.”The state of the nation says” has already harmed Chinese milk and continues to insist “the state of the nation says”, that can ruin Chinese milk.This is just the general regulation of market, we already for disobeyed regulation to pay price,led lighting design surprisingly of BE, unexpectedly and someone wants to continue to disobey regulation

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