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11 iulie 2011

A hemp sack stone anticipates only and sells several dollars”blue precious stone”s what day price regression
The blue precious stone is listed as four one of the names expensive precious stoneses in the world.Province Chang in Shandong enjoys a county is our country the biggest blue precious stone produce area, recent years because of loot the type mine,Pearl Jewelry the in great quantities blue precious stone flows into a market by very and cheap price, the one and only of the advantage resources didn’t bring local development core motivation.Acutely painful lesson made the local government quest had a preface development in the past, but, this precious resources wanted to carry out the value regression that should have, but needed date.

“Blue precious stone” in China of selling cheap
ldquo;Currently we the medium and blue precious stone is a 300 dollar per carat, the price of 10 year agos is a 100 dollar per carat, opposite domestic and international other jewelry recent yearses soar fast fierce condition, the blue precious stone price has been changing not and greatly, and the price is still fairly cheap.”Chang joy county five jewelries in the diagram town conduct company, Guo, lately even part to reporter demonstration oneself store in of blue precious stone hand chain, part introduction.

The Chang joy county is located on Wei shop in Shandong and enjoys county city in the Chang and sells and processes the store row upon row of blue precious stone, the blue precious stone has become Chang joy economy development in the place and the important industry of prosperity.In each store, the consumer could not cost 100 dollars, can buy a lower quality blue precious stone hand chain, quality best hand chain is about 2000 dollars.led grow lights

Is the biggest blue precious stone in our country to produce area, the Chang happy blue precious stone has the mineral area 450 square kilometers, is currently in the world one of the rare large and blue precious stone mineral beds.A leadership of the region is candid in saying to the reporter, though the region is like this precious resources that enrich, had no in the past reasonable development exploitation, make the blue precious stone lost good development opportunity, golden south sea pearlprice also always low go back and forth.

Blue precious stone together the diamond, ruby and grandmother are green to be juxtaposed for the world of four names expensive precious stones.For long time, with it the radiant and extremely keen beautiful color is seen as the thing of good luck.In ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the blue precious stone is used to decorate a mosque, church, and is the contribution of religion rites.

Blue precious stone habitat in the world is very rarely seen, the main concentration is in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Chinese etc. is national.The Chang happy blue precious stone has the grain big, pure color and good quality and strange precious stone much etc. the characteristics be rather subjected to favor of the domestic and international jewelry field, the Chang is happy consequently is praised as “the country of blue precious stone”.Enjoys inside the region of more than 1000 square kilometers in the Chang, distribute all of more than 100s ancient volcano, blue precious stone is time immemorial 1800 ten thousand yearses ago volcano eruption after stay to my people of precious wealth.

The depredation type development price is heavy
Ever since that time after the Chang enjoyed to discover a blue precious stone in 1986, the life of native son drive this kind of takes navy-blue rock thoroughly change.Chang happy county jewelry management company, Guo, lately even 14 year agos hurl body the region of the blue precious stone mines, he tells a reporter, at that time in the village of five diagram towns, appeared a lot of be engaged in the blue precious stone processed of families workshop, it aren’t complicated to mine at first techniques of livinging the minerals, as long as had hammer son, spade son enough.The villagers see worth striving for, the last mineral mountain adopts rock to process by himself/herself, then cheaply sells blue precious stone raw material.

The king of the University of Peking precious stone consultation center Qi professor reveal, 80′s in last century, in the east of China coastal region of in the basalt, discovered not a few blue precious stone minerals one after another bed.The Chinese is partial to jade from thou, therefore the blue precious stone didn’t get a value.

The result of depredation type development maded the happy Chang precious stone kept quantity sharply to reduce, because the blue precious stone in a period of time concentrates ground to get into a market too much and results in price’s suffering a disastrous decline.Guo Xin Ping says that till the end of last century, the Chang happy amount huge blue precious stone gets into a market and makes the then precious stone price been subjected to serious impact, even the prices of global and blue precious stone Be all consequently fierce to fall 65%.In order to being free from a value in the local and blue precious stone, the price of blue precious stone is also very low.The blue precious stone only sells abroad to be worth money.At that time, a large numbers of oversea precious stone companies arrive Chang to enjoy large numbers of quantity to procure, several dollars ten several dollars can accept a the hemp sack blue precious stone stone to anticipate.

Start to recall these things of the pasts, not a few Changs joy person’s 100 feelings hand over to add.Foreign precious stone company the blue precious stone that they receive tofrom the Chang joy one train skin one train skin the ground deliver toward abroad, while the native son disillusion come over of time, the limited blue precious stone resources has already formed huge loss.An industry insider says that a precious stone businessman of Thailand, becomes the precious stone procuring to ton ground luck to return to country inside, have never sold to go up to now, etc. Chang joy of the blue precious stone sold out again obtain exorbitant profits.led lighting design

Can keep on a development heavy program in science
In the second half of 2002, the Chang happy county pain makes a firm decision, to blue precious stone the execution forbid to adopt completely, and definitely rules at least 10 can not reply to adopt in the middle of the year.Forbid to adopt after 5 years, precious stone again regression lordship, the prestige soars up 1000%.At the same time, in order to forbiding to adopt completely, be originally mainly engaged in the precious stone of raw material seller from the operator, the big part changes to being engaged in affixture to be worth higher precious stone fine to process, Chang happy county jewelry industry quickly development, and drew on the management stores of including jade article, and jadeite…etc.6 serieses up to thousand jewelry merchandises to come to fall a door.

Currently, the Chang enjoys the jewelry business enterprise of county to contain more than 1200 houses, the employee reaches to more than 40,000 persons, the year processes a precious stone 13,000,000 the carats, decoration is more than 45,000,000s and become one of the biggest jewelry in whole country jewelry commercial centers.The Chang enjoys the county Chinese precious stone city inside, the gold street silver store each other connects with each other and totally has more than 100 jewelry jade articles, gold and silver jewelries that jewelers conduct a world-wide locations.

Chang happy Chinese precious stone city development construction commission vice- director, Wang Rui Xing , says, now Chang happy have already taken leave thick put management to sell an original mineral of stone of ages, blue precious stone in the business enterprise processes each a work prefaces from once was subjected to the technical expert of professional training to come to complete.The government wants to create into real”Chinese precious stone city” of Chang joys, it will gather the treasure jade cultural demonstration, the jewelry jewelry, craft gift and trophy processes bargain, the jewelry processes equipments, accessories and packing thing bargain, and the upscale business apartment, recreation amusement is at the large international jeweler city of integral whole.

The Chang enjoys the blue precious stone mineral of county to keep quantity to reach to count 1,000,000,000 carats and there are also abundant a great deal of time immemorial volcano, cultural resources and ecosystem resources.Chang happy county Wei publicity minister Chiu Be prosperous to say, Chang happy is scooping out advantage and integrate a resources, put forth effort to create precious stone culture, volcano culture, traditional culture and ecosystem cultural four greatest brands.

Effort carries out the value regression of blue precious stone as soon as possible,discount fashion jewellery industry insider points out, the development of the Chang happy blue precious stone in addition to the programming of science reasonable, also want the experienced industry to manage to up put forth effort.One is an enlargement to publicizee and form the brand effect that Chang enjoys a blue precious stone;Two is the grade attestation that draws up science and authenticate standard, currently blue precious stone market good people and bad people mixed up, the bad monger breaks market order so much by time Chong;Three initiate “exquisite article” consciousness inside the experienced industry, enhance a design, raise standard, push a blue precious stone at international tee off on the market some kind of new

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