solid wood furniture

20 iulie 2011

How to select solid wood furniture
1 judges whether it is solid wood furniture
Main watch the door and side
Skills: scarring, wood and sectionTin Box
Scar: scar on the side of promising location, and then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern.
Wood: looks is a pattern, then a corresponding change in the location of this pattern, in the back door to see a corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is a pure solid wood
Section: Section color than the panel deep, and can see is the piece of wood production
2, look at the tree
What is made of solid wood species, which directly influence the price and quality. From the cheapest pine, oak, mahogany to expensive, price difference is dozens of times. So don’t because it is solid wood would not consider the species, after all, like pine, wood, in addition to the environmental protection performance than outside, man-made board of many poor
In 3, judge wood manufacturers producing area
Special attention should be paid to solid wood furniture wood manufacturers producing area. There is an old saying” solid wood but the Yangtze River”, is the production of solid wood furniture in the south to the north, because of climate effects of moisture, and thus prone to cracking, deformation and other problems. So buy time to see clear to.
4, observe whether the defects in wood.
Several major defects: solid wood crack, scar, Ratt, mildew
To buy time to carefully check the details.
Cracking: naturally can not buy.Set up Company
Scar: if is a positive scaling back the same position, also have this scar scar, this basically belongs to the knot, a long time, will be out, so have the deficiency of furniture is absolutely can not buy.
Wormhole: Although many furniture are known after drying degreasing treatment, but do you think China is so big, furniture factory so much, national management so weak, credibility to play at least 50 percent off. In addition to those western style solid wood furniture, have their own engraved bug-eyed, other will not buy
Mildew: is wood green, traces of water phenomenon can not buy. Although sales aunt will say to you, have been dried after, no problem. But you see, moldy bread after further processing, can you eat? The wood mildew, its performance and has previously cannot be mentioned in the same breath.taylor made suits
5, look at the furniture parts connection
A good solid wood furniture, is a tenon slot and connected, in partial weight bearing larger places, also using screws and protection block, reinforcement. If you saw of solid wood furniture, using all screws fixed, so this kind of furniture the firm degree is not high. Judge furniture the firm degree, you can take a rocking furniture feel its degree of stability to judge.LED Lights Supplier
6, look at the furniture surface paint quality
Solid wood furniture are most afraid of water and fire. The fire would not have said, for fear of water, there is an old saying: Millennium Millennium dry, wet, dry wet not years. Speak is the fear of water wood. While the furniture surface especially prevent moisture intrusion furniture in the most effective way to. Therefore should carefully check whether there is no furniture brush to paint areas, key points: at the top and bottom of the cabinet door, wardrobe inside.
Touch the paint surface, whether there is a burr, bubble phenomenon.
7, look at the furniture drawer detail.
The drawer should be solid, tighten the screws in the internal. To open the drawer, active desktop,Office Furniture Desk doors and other parts, to ensure that can handle very skillfully, and properly connected. Drawer bottom drawer bottom plate with a certain thickness, and is used in the groove is connected, but not a nail connection.

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