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1 august 2011

Limited liability company and incorporated company establish the differentiation of way

Limited liability company:?Each shareholder recognizes to pay with it of the property sum undertake limited liability to the company, company with its ll properties as to it’s the obligation undertake a responsibility;?Support the certificate proof shareholder to support a quota by;?Can not publish a stock, can not publicly collect;?The property of the shareholder can not at will turn to let;?The finance need not open.

Incorporated company:?The capital demarcation is to wait sum share;?Raise capital through an issue stock;?The shareholder recognizes to buy with it of the share undertake a responsibility to the company, the company undertakes a responsibility to the company obligation by its ll propertieses;?The stock can freely turn to let;?The finance opens.Company Formation

(2)establish a condition

Limited liability company:?The shareholder matches the quorum as 2~50 people;?The shareholder property attains the legal capital lowest quota;(according to profession different but settle)?The shareholder draws up article of association together;?Have the company the name, the limited liability company has to mark clearly “limited liability company” certain context in the name in the company, and build up the organization organization that matches a limited liability company;?Having is fixed of the production conduct place and necessity of the production conduct condition.

Incorporated company:?Establish incorporated company, should have more than 5 people the sponsor, among them have to have more than one half of the sponsor has a residence in China;?The stateowned business enterprise changes set up for the incorporated company of, sponsor can less than 5 people, but should adopt to collect to establish a way;?The lowest quota of registration capital is renminbi 10,000,000 dollars;?The sponsor draws up article of association;?Have the company the name, build up the organization organization that matches incorporated company;?Having is fixed of the production conduct place and necessity of the production conduct condition.

(3)support a sum

Limited liability company:Regard production management as principle of company renminbi 500,000 dollars;Regard merchandise wholesale as principle of company renminbi 500,000 dollars;company establishes to need what Regard business retail price as principle of company renminbi 300,000 dollars;Science and technology develops, consults, service company renminbi is 100,000 dollars.

Incorporated company:Registering is capital of the lowest quota is 10,000,000 dollars for renminbi.

(4)support a way

Limited liability company:The shareholder should negotiate in the sponsor according to it with recognize to buy in the article of association of the property quantity foot sum pay a property.Shareholder such as according to the date don’t pay recognize to pay of property, should to already other shareholders for supportings undertake a default responsibility.

Incorporated company:All capitals of company stated clearly in writing in the article of association while starting to establish, have to when the company establish all issues, and is recognized by all of the sponsor to buy.With collect to establish a way to establish a company, the sponsor recognizes to buy of the share don’t get 35% less than the company share total amount%, the rest share should publicly collect to the society.

(5)the share turn to let

Limited liability company:The of shareholder can turn to make it all property or parts of a property mutually.Shareholder to shareholder outside of when the person turn to let a property have to be passed by shareholder’s meeting resolution.

Incorporated company:The share of our company that the sponsor of incorporated company holds, establish from the company of day since can not turn to let in 3 years.The board director of the company, supervisor and manager should toward the share of our company that company hold while declaring, and during the period of working inside can not turn to let.

(6)organize organization

Limited liability company:Shareholder’s meeting, board of directors, manager and supervisor meeting.Shareholder number less and the scale smaller limited liability company, can establish an Executive Director, don’t establish a board of directors;Can establish 1~2 supervisors, don’t establish a supervisor meeting.Is the stateowned individual proprietorship company of the limited liability company special appearance don’t establish a shareholder’s meeting, from the authorization the organization of the investment in nation or the section of the national authorization, authorize a company the board of directors exercise parts of authority of shareholder’s meeting.

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