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1 august 2011

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Promise, it is one of the foundation stones of the real love. Concrete and deep commitment, even if can’t guarantee the emotion relation is plain sailing, will play and act on greatly too. One will concentrate attention at the beginning of a certain thing, it may be very limited that its emotion is put into, but as time goes on, he (she) Should put into more emotions, otherwise, the emotion relation will be moved towards disintegrating sooner or later, or is in the superficial, fragile state all the time. Take I as an example, I before marrying the ceremony, have any unusual feeling, it is very calm to behave all the time. Gradually, I feel nervous and even some shiver, even does not remember the course of the wedding, and anything happening subsequently. For some time, I have adapted to this people’s growing and changing slowly, put more emotion into the family, at last

Go out of the state of falling in love, has found the motive power of the true love. Not usually getting on very well, after bearing children, we only put into more emotion, the instinct stage that can produce a male heir to continue the family line from biology, grow into benevolent parents with sense of duty. As to the emotion relation based on love, pay whole-heartedly, it is the indispensable precondition. Only the lasting emotion relation, could make intelligence ripe constantly. If we lack sense of safety is not merely constantly anxious to abandon by birth, and feel that has an uncertain future, intelligence can not be ripe forever. Couple in the face of rely on and independence, handle and submit to, freedom and question such as being loyal and steadfast, without solution, magnify question, live in suspect, the frightened shade all day, it is unable to find the outlet calmly, can make the emotion relation belong to and destroy finally.Information about food best pearl, should south sea pearls

Promise, can bring sense of safety to a person. However, most schizophrenia patients are all difficult to promise. Let the patient promise, it is usually essential links. Wonder how to realize “ Concentrate attention “ ,It is unwilling to make any commitment too, it is very apt to cause the psychology to lack proper care. The persons who lack proper care of passivity personality are unwilling to promise, even has lost the ability to promise, they are not the risk fearing to be promised, but may know at all how to promise. They may not love, has not got the commitment that parents love from parents during one’s childhood, so until they grow to manhood, have never had experience that is promised.

The unregulated patient of the neural sense can understand the meaning promised, but the extreme one is tense and frightened, make them lose motive force promised. In their childhood, most of parents have love, can let them experience the sense of safety promised to bring, later on because death of appearing, abandon or other reasons, this kind of sense of safety declares that stops, it is unable to be responded to make it promise, become painful memory, they fear to make the new commitment from this. Once the patient stands the wound of soul, unless set up ideal emotion relation, otherwise the wound is difficult to heal. Sometimes, as the psychologist, I think of it takes the patient that treat for a long time to receiving each time, uneasy in the heart. After all, want to enable and treat going on smoothly, the psychologist must establish good relation with the patient, like the parents rich in the love treat children, go to care about the patient wholeheartedly, and can’t give up halfway, could open the patient’s heart in this way, suit the remedy to the case.China Shenzhen water Pui international jewelry exhibition, where you can wholesale costume jewellery

It is cold, and introverted that Miss Rachel 27 years old suffers from the serious sex, the words and deeds are too overcautious. As soon as she has had a transient marriage, she has divorced, come to consult me. She tells me, because the sex that can’t accept her is cold, husband Mark and she part company with. Rachel says: “I know my question. I originally think, it is a good thing to marry Mark. I hope he makes my soul warm, let me change to some extent, but I have thought by mistake. This is not a question of mark. With which man unable to let I fun of person who experience together, I want, find fun from sexual love either. Though I think sometimes that should change, live like normal people, but unfortunately, I am used to the present state. Though mark often reminds me, let me try hard to relax down, however, even if I can accomplish, do not want to change the present state either. ”

In the treatment goes on until the third month, I remind Rachel: She comes to go to a doctor each time, has not taken on the seat yet, will say at least that ” thanks ” twice —The first time “ Thanks ” ,It is we, when the waiting room was just met; The second time “ Thanks ” ,It is when of the office that just came into me her.

Rachel asks: “This have anything, OK? ”

“It is good. ” I answer, ” however, so many gifts of yours are unnecessary. By the look of your behavior, it is piece that lack confidence, think one’s own unwelcome guest just. ”

“But actually I was a guest, here was your clinic after all. ”

” right, ” I say, ” but don’t forget, you have already paid in order to treat. Period of time and this space belong to you, you have one’s own rights, you are not a guest. Office, waiting room, have the time that we coexist, all these belong to you. You have paid and bought them, they belong to you, why want me in order to belong
to you to be east-west to express one’s gratitude? ”

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