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16 august 2011

Halt China ambassador, Hui in the Luo house drags along a house to take “carry a pack to go to assume office” of three greatly see a pointDVB-T TUNER
Hui in the Luo house came, dragged along a house to take and carried big pack of packet.On the night of the 12th, this ex- eparch of American Washington, federal government ex- commerce secretary, arrive Peking from Seattle, the United States, formally start his halting the tenure of China ambassador.But this world”department class tall officer” of the first economic giant, the Lyu new trip seem to be pretty much “low key” and there is no a great deal of attendant and have no guard and carry on the back previous pack of, carry a pack, whole family all have no carefree.”Is this like an ambassador?”There is witness in airport thus whisper

The United States new appointee ambassador came, low-key get to be like the entire family of coming to China to spend a holiday traveler, among them have three greatly see a little Be worth paying attention to.DVB-T MPEG 4

Hui in the Luo house of so can easily get to be like a shoulder bag guest, the social milieu of China is wellone of the reasons in it so much.The reform opens and face the deep change of economic social realm and face a life time the rare risk challenge, the our country always kept social general situation stable, becoming a social public order in the world had better, one of the tallest nations of crowd’s sense of security.Nowadays riding on the crest of success, after bursting the affairs often international big background, the Chinese scenery is only good here, although our country inevitably appeared a complex social antinomy,found out a pass comprehensive manage to solve a social public order problem of the road of success, ensured social public order order to keep on turning for the better, the criminal case Gao Fa Shi’s head gets to effectively suppress, the masses of the people’s sense of security is steady to promote.Previous of a survey express, 90% Chinese think the satisfaction is to the public order environment, there is sense of security.The good public order environment held the carefree court that the house takes to take a stroll to provide for Hui in the Luo house reality may, if the Luo house Hui goes abroad as ambassador country in England, Norway and Afghanistan etc., he cans make thus thin settle?DVB T RECEIVER

The low key of Hui”carry a pack to go to assume office” in Luo house makes person’s in different light.Nowadays China, people from public to three male expenditures of concern, change direction gradually to the anxious expectation that promotes administration effect.How spend the minimal money, do the best matter, is a public claim, is also an all levels, the officials of the government have to face of test.This needs the officials of the government take the lead from saving time, economizes expenditure to commence and works well demonstration.As early as 2003, beard the chairman lead off cancel to leader to visit to send to face a rites.This kind of variety not only is a kind of formality of simplification, more mark an our country political of mature civilization, the close people of central leadership tries to be practical.The Beijing leadership visits cancel to send to face a rites and reduce delegation’s personnel and pileup etc. and eased a heavy reception arrangement, more importance is put good appearance for officials of all levels.All levels officials Lyu lately go to assume office, go out inspection visit etc., if all can make light car Chien, decline to welcome to send to, even be like Hui in the Luo house such as businessman the trip generally go to assume office, not only can lift high-efficiency, see true thing, more can draw near and the distance of the people’s, let the officer people relate to regression harmonious.Make person delighted BE, see a recently not only of the province class big member tiny Be private to visit and even have provincial governor from take sheet to go to the country, a head of ties person of hometown in home not to know where went, it make some place officials frightened to disgrace.However, these are originally belong normal of raises became news, refracts officials from an on the side of simple of going and being still rare matter, therefore, going to assume office of Hui in the Luo house of go worth our country the officials draw lessons from.led home lighting

The last’s paying attention to order is Hui in the Luo house will can’t bring China special convenience.Hui Lyu in the Luo house is lately fully paid attention to by the people and return a knot bottom because he has and our similar black hairs yellow skin, however, Hui in the Luo house serves as the most important mission for the United States’ ambassador to China or brings the United States a greater benefits.There is here an outside Mei pointing out, 100 divide 100 of American Hui in the Luo house afraid of inconvenient”sell at a discount” for China.Current occupation diplomat in the United States’ ambassador to China, there is also political ordination, like 5, still Mu hero, He in the Pu, the thunder Be virtuous to is all political ordination.Hui in the Luo house serves as more of again is “political ordination”, Central America of has an extensively common benefits, two country economy of mutual dependence more and more deep.Being as exactly the opposite as some what persons guessed isn’t China to scheme to get what special convenience, but Ao Ba Ma the choice Luo Hui in the house serve as to halt China ambassador, oneself be mean to 1 kind of Chinese amity, is also hope, he can help an of promoting two countries of aggressive, cooperation, overall relation.Luo guest Wang Ya Gen who writes “the white hair floats green water, the red Zhang pulls out pure wave” didn’t thought of, the in his descendant after more than 1300 years political person, he is Hui in the Luo house.We might as well see so, Hui in the Luo house came, being American Huang was callous the respect to black hairs, is also to respecting of China and send goodwill gestures

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