LED lighting faces

26 august 2011

The global LED lighting faces a rapid hair defer
Zhang Ya3 Nan:We continue yesterday’s topic, pay attention to LED profession, we made reference to the price of sparse soil to continuously increase and illuminated a profession development for LED to bring some chances yesterday, moreover can also notice, a lot of guo jias will in the future how many years eliminate a traditional incandescent lamp gradually,LED lights manufacturerwhether will also bring LED vaster space?

Du Bin:We know the characteristics of incandescent lamp, although the cost is very low,the energy acts for of the conversion efficiency is very low, should be more and more strong now along with the each guo jia’s consciousness toward economy energy environmental protection, so say now a lot of guo jias all the beginning listed a that timetable stipulate to several years in succession and forbade sale and usage incandescent lamp bubble and occupied an enough long-term traditional incandescent lamp bubble in mankind’s civilization history may welcome to end, correspond act for of should be led by LED of some a little bit efficiently new energy.We know because of long term of usage cost and habit, everyone has already habitually used the incandescent lamp bubble of past tradition, its characteristics is very of cheapness,dvb t mpeg4 so say now and still keep occupying enough many quotas among the whole lighting market, in the future along with the releasing of timetable, probably 5 years inside, these traditional light energies all will drive some new efficiently eliminate act for, in the future new LED illuminate Teng a very big market space, act for the market demands produced by lighting should say very huge.

And we can put vision far some, the most anterior is Japan, I before saw piece according to, till June, this year the whole Japan LED lamp bulb’s sharing all sale specific weight of lamp bulbs has already come to a 43.5%, if say in some restriction of electricities more serious regions, this comparison is higher to attain 50%.Now this situation to see, this comparison is on the contrary more and more high now, is still a process that pursues class ascension,Xu Huangwalk is so before having relation with some local circumstances of Japan to fasten, the local electricity price is higher and economize on energy consciousness of environmental protection also stronger.So from start very early, the policy promoted in carry of subsidy policy, make the whole market really developed a little bit quickly, Japan is related now the LED lamp bulb cost have been very low and sell also very cheaply, so say this market share is more and more big.

Is big country the United States to say, before have an estimate, will start LED next year, the market also wants to start starting, 15 years of time probably, the sale sum of the whole LED lamp may have the whole 3| that illuminates a market 4 or so, should say that is also a very big piece of cake, we then to see European guo jia, the timetable of EU in fact than just what we mentioned some other guo jias may want to be some earlier, should say that gradually go gradually Be getting nearer, and it releases the limit of subsidy very big,solution to judge invalid may have an of 30%-50% of the whole lamp total sales, can say that willing also produce one in the future is very big of act for effect, these various evidences all express LED to will may welcome the period of a rapid development in the future

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