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1 septembrie 2011

The Chinese sail female trial run attains an expectation purpose
The Chinese news spokesman, Yang Yu Jun, of Ministry of National Defense is accepting a reporter to lift to ask.

The Ministry of National Defense holds the Ministry of National Defense routine news conference in the city on August 31.The Ministry of National Defense news spokesman, DVB T RECEIVERYang Yu Jun,’s Chinese sail female problems, such as terrace trial run and navy strategy…etc. carried on to introduce and answered that the lifting of reporter asks.

The sail female terrace trial run

Attain an expectation purpose

Go out to sea a trial run circumstance to the Chinese sail female terrace, Yang Yu Jun said, the sail mother’s construction was a long term, complicated engineering and develop a series of research experiment and training in this process lieutenant general, these are the routine of, also normal.

Yang Yu Jun says that the sail female terrace this trial run comes to an an expectation purpose and continues to be in the shipyard carry on refitting to work with test now.The follow-up work of the relevant sail female terrace will test a training circumstance according to the research to make sure.

Defendoof sex national defense

The policy can’t changePlate Heat Exchanger

At speak of the United States the Chinese military power lately announcing reports in, Yang Yu Jun said while using an ocean that the alone literary piece discusses China strategic problem, concerning the American Ministry of National Defense announces lately of so-called the Year 2011′s ?Chinese military and safe situation develop a report ?, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman and news spokesmans of Ministry of National Defense all have already announced viewpoint.I notice, should report cover up marks clearly to report to cost USD 73212, now the economy in the United States also recession, hope that the United States can use money of the taxpayer on some meaningful affairs.

As for the sail mother of China develop and navy strategic problem, we this front have already definitely meant:China firmly carries out the national defense policy of defense, certainly would not change because of developing advanced weapon, navy’s strategy of inshore defense in China didn’t also take place a change.

Japan should explain to strengthen military force intentionHuang Xu

The reporter lifts to ask, according to recent medium report way, the Japanese government plans in Okinawa County and that country to deploy littoral surveillance troops and defend province be still studying island and the temple ancient island to lately send self-defence forces and defend dint by to build up toward the stone Yuan.Excuse me, make to this what commentary?

While answering this question, Yang Yu Jun said, we notice a relevant report way.Because of history reason, any military trends of Japan will cause the concern of Asian all countries and worry in uncertainty, the day square should explain in the southwest various island to strengthen true intention of the military force.What to need to be pointed out BE, win both parties in day is concentrating on to push forward an of mutual benefit relation of strategy, Office romance sweetthe day square should do one for this aggressive make great effort, not contrary.Hope day the square take history as Jian, the circumspect does and much does to be advantageous to promoting and neighboring country mutual trust, be advantageous to the affair that supports peace in the region and stability.

Watch out for external influence to provoke medium print medium more relation

At answer relevant in print relation of lifted to ask, Yang Yu Jun said, in print two countries not are enemies, also not is an opponent, but the neighbor is a colleague.In recent years, win to print both parties to concentrate on a development to face to peace and prosperity of strategic cooperation colleague’s relation, two soldiers relate to also and get continuously a development, both parties developed the friendly exchanges of various formses, understanding and mutual trust are gradually deepening and try to be practical cooperation of the realm be continuously opening widely.

Yang Yu Jun says that the relevant speech attempts to provoke to be medium to print to relate to and has ulterior motives.

Yang Yu Jun says that medium more the Ministry of National Defense defended duty safety to negotiate to hold in Peking recently for the fifth time.National affairs member of committee and the beam light of defense secretary were strong to meet Vietnamese the Ministry of National Defense vice minister Ruan ambition the chirping of birds, the vice-president chief of staff Ma Xiao Tian and Ruan ambition the chirping of birds held to negotiate.In the middle of meeting and negotiating, both parties nations and region safety and two countries two soldiers related to an etc. problem to carry on thorough discussion, reached many consensuses.Both parties unanimously think that medium more both parties leader the consensus for reaching and strengthen a strategy communication according to two countries and carefully handle a sensitive problem, match two country people’s basic benefits and common wisheses and also be advantageous to peace, LED illuminates businessstability and development of local area.Both parties would like to strengthen amity exchanges and pass amity consultation, peaceably solve a rift, increase a mutual trust by cooperation, urge a stability by mutual trust, watch out for external influence to provoke to break two country relations, determinedly support two country common benefits and two countries friendly general situations.

Develop a weapon material not to aim at any nation

The problem that aim at a technical quick development for having the Chinese guided missile that the medium put forward to make some national creations worried, Yang Yu Jun said, China firmly carried out the national defense policy and actively defensive military strategy of defendoofing sex and develop a weapon material for the sake of satisfy maintenance national security of demand, don’t aim at any nation and particular target.We hope the external world ability is objective and rationally treat, don’t do an excesssive guess to reach agreement to read.

The sail female terrace trial run totally solves 9 contentses

On August 14, our country head the sail female terrace be over for the very first time go out to sea to sail experiment return to wharf.Press the plan, it will continue to be in the shipyard carry on refitting to work with test.

The sail mother consigns ex- sea trial run to mainly include shipbuilding factory trial run and acceptance trial run.Shipbuilding factory trial run is sail mother after the completion constructs or refits first time goes out to sea voyage, is for ensure that the sail mother’s hardware and machine etc. attain contract request but the sea carrying on to experiment.The shipbuilding factory trial run is organized implementation by the shipyard, navy’s personnel inspects on the scene.After the shipbuilding factory trial run is successfully, check an acceptance set to check and accept organization, the sail female square can be received by the navy after passing.

The main contents of shipbuilding factory trial run includes various equipments and the system of the examination sail mother’s proper sail and warship whether circulate as usual.The contents that includes 9 main categories is a lord to push forward device respectively, assistance equipments and Sun tube the equipments, deck equipments and electricity equipments, environmental protection equipments and passenger compartment safe protection device, navigation equipment, supply an equipments.

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