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12 septembrie 2011

The card is firm thin the third son appear Niger
Cite Niger Secretary of Justice later on according to the Reuter’s reached the words of Mu to say, Sa the Di have already got into the territory of Niger.Mini Wireless Keyboard

Reach Mu to say, Sa Di of with go escort to totally have 8 people, originally is plan to go to central part city in Niger add virtuous, Niger soldier, who is patroled in the frontier region of Niger, intercepts.This front of Niger didn’t acquire any Sa the Di will enter of information.Currently, plan in Niger on the 12th or the 13th Sa the Di wait for someone to send to Ni in the capital city Asia and America.

In card a few firm thin sons, the second son match righteousness man Yi Si’s pulling Mu is been generally accepted to tie to thinly inherit a person but be paid attention to most for the card by the external world.Sa the Di then pull the younger brother of Mu for Yi Si and own an athlete, Patch Cord Manufacturerwarrior and Hollywood film producer person etc. multiple identities.

On the 5th of this month, two car brigade differences are got into Niger by the Libyan south desert inshore.A the officials of government in Niger once meant on the 9th, if the card was firm thin and his son got into Niger, Niger will implement the obligation that it is international signatory state in the pertaining to crime court.In June, this year, international pertaining to crime court with being suspected of the anti- mankind offense is from,Cable Manufacturercountersign firm thin wait 3 people to the card of the nations arrest to make.

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Guinea-Bissau:Open a pair of arms to welcome card firm thin

The premier of nation Guinea-Bissau in Western Africa the nation Bo of the Guinea-Bissau 11 in the Long broadcasting station said, card Luo Si Ge plum Si mean, would like to accept Libyan abscondence to leader Mu exceed Er the card is firm thin seek refuge.

The Ge plum Si says that Guinea-Bissau be not ?international Rome code in the pertaining to crime court ?signatory state, as a result ignore an international pertaining to crime court to aim at card firm thinly arrest to make.”electric welding machine manufacturer The our country government completely respects Libya to leader Mu exceed Er the card is firm thin, will open a pair of arms to welcome him.If he to seek refuge, we welcome will ensure his safety.”

The another tall officer in Libya was grasped this morning

This morning Peking time, Libyan opposition faction armed declared in the Li wave of capital city to arrest Libya former incumbent external safety organization chief, deluxe secret agent cloth firm the Yi is virtuous.Previous BBC broadcasting etc. medium report way the cloth tie Yi before being virtuous early resign behind among the missing.

Neighborhood in the Li wave that calls that the opposition faction bears arms in the capital city of the peninsula television station report way investigates and searches with all strength the cloth firm Yi virtuous whereabouts, but it while being caught express equanimity don’t do a holdout.

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The benefit provisional government set sets up to plan to announce in 10 days

Outside Mei this morning report way, “whole country transition committee” executive committee in Libya chairman Ma Ha Mao was virtuous Lei in the Gu cloth declared on the 11th, the parties concerned is just setting up nationwide provisional government to carry on a consultation for the set currently, the set sets up a provisional led lighting automotivegovernment plan to anticipate will in one thoughtful 10 days inside announce.

Lei in the Gu cloth says on the news conference, will soon set the provisional government for setting up will overaly the east of whole country in Libya and western region and include those haven’t relieved, still besiege in the card firm thin troops under of region.

Gu cloth inside Lei says, the Libyan race reach agreement will at”whole country transition committee” chairman Gu benefit the Lei manage under carry on, reaching agreement will include three kinds of methods:Accept to weave big parts of revolutions armed group, issue salary combine increment petroleum production, the set sets up nationwide provisional government.

Gu cloth inside the Lei declares that Libya is held up 5 months of petroleum production have already restarted on the 10th.

Gu cloth inside Lei means, currently Libya’s defrosting the handover activity of funds has been already started, the first’s defrosting a funds is provided by England, amount of money over 1,000,000,000 Na Er(about USD 870,000,000), the second about 700,000,000 the Na Er will also transmit recently.The executive committee is hard guaranteeing local people currently punctually issuing of the salary, the salary of people in the western region will issue in the near future.

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