Chinese milk

21 iunie 2011

Don’t make”the state of the nation says” ruined Chinese milk
Milk profession held recently of internal seminar up, the milk industry association chairman of the board Wang Ding Mian of Guangzhou City thought an existing milk industry of our country standard world lowest, mainly because is kidnap separately by the big business enterprise.But milk in Inner Mongolia help a that D wood of Secretary-general virtuous then think, establishment milk quality standard wants to set out from the state of the nation.

Listenned to “the state of the nation says”, the in the mind canned not help a burst of hair cool.Delivering is cool since for the country the people is also Chinese milk.I understood on the whole, why the Chinese milk meeting faces today market circumstances like this.

Since a period of time,
12 volt led lighting ocean milk powder again and again Pu quality dispute.However, this has never influenced Gao Ge Meng of ocean milk powder to enter.The statistics expresses that at on the market, our country high level milk powder’s the ocean milk powder market quota already above 90%, the 80% above local consumer thinks, the foreign milk powder quality surpasses local milk powder.Why will the market appear understanding like this?Think of at three gather cyanotype An affairs before, the domestic milk still sits to catch fire a car to eat to catch fire a pot to hum ditty.Who can’t take health to play trick, either, there in no simple geography solution for”the Chong ocean is obsequious to foreigners”, the core problem of its back, be standard.Inside the outside is different from of dual standard, brief protected a Chinese milk business enterprise, equally make the people lose confidence to the milk Qi.

Standard dual, the background is “the state of the nation says”.Helping that D wood virtuous parlance of Secretary-general according to milk in Inner Mongolia is producing milk peak season, overwhelming majority region in the north produces of milk, the protein content could not reach 2.95 international standards, if the milk article business enterprise carries out according to the international standard, led lighting residentialmilk will pour out, “Department of Agriculture did a great deal of benefits that the investigation mainly sets out from the state of the nation and look after the most majority of milk agricultures and like this lowered standard once”.This declines once, that declines once and is responsible for the milk Qi, who be responsible for the consumer?For standard it say, Chinese consumer association the lawyer is round and round long Chiu the treasure Chang once had been already elaborated, “standard it contended for is an aregument of benefits”, standard a little bit lower, have a great deal of business enterprise be put into, but standard a Gao, some business enterprises that the production ability fell behind will be eliminated bowl out, “our some standards exactly compromised some fall behind a business enterprise, the quality isn’t high”.”
led home lightingThe big business enterprise kidnaps to say” called by milk industry association chairman of the board Wang Ding Mian of Guangzhou City is in fact such a meaning.

“The state of the nation says” sees protect Chinese milk Qi, can in the market economy environment, people sees quality but doesn’t see “state of the nation”, the standard different quality is different and by all means cause market reaction different.The reality is to so open fun with us, the standard compromised to fall behind a business enterprise and fell behind a business enterprise to be to become naturally, not only don’t think enterprising, on the contrary get worse, caused piling up one after another of food trouble.But the consumer for the country produce milk harm, finally gave up domestic milk, went to the bosom of ocean milk to embrace.In other words, the domestic milk meets today of embarrassed circumstances, say on the equal meaning being what “the state of the nation says” result in.

Today’s Chinese milk can say, already”till the most dangerous time”.Exactly compromise by falling behind standard to fall behind a business enterprise, still keep insisting international standard even higher standard pour to force a business enterprise, in fact this is no longer what choice.Say for the Chinese milk Qi, haven’t chosen, past career enunciation, compromising to fall behind will fall behind more, pouring to force to fall behind then can get away from to fall behind.”The state of the nation says” has already harmed Chinese milk and continues to insist “the state of the nation says”, that can ruin Chinese milk.This is just the general regulation of market, we already for disobeyed regulation to pay price,led lighting design surprisingly of BE, unexpectedly and someone wants to continue to disobey regulation

classification respectively

4 aprilie 2011

The pearl presses the color and produce a classification respectively
The shape of pearl is varied, there is circular, pear form and egg form, teardrop form and Niu buttonning up a form and arbitrarily form, Tahitian pearltake circular as among them good.Quality body not and all.The color contains white, pink, thin yellow, pale green color, light blue, brown, lavender, and black…etc. and regards white as principle.White scar.Have typical pearl sheen, the sheen is soft and takes the Hong dizzy color.Transparent go to translucent.Fold light to lead 1.530-1.686, double refractive index 0.156.Have no color to spread a phenomenon.Degree of hardness 2.5-4.5.The density of natural fresh water pearl is generally a 2.66-2.78 gs|cm 3, have difference because the habitat is different.Have no solution to manage.The tenacity is better.Outside the purple short-wave only under the pearl show white, thin yellow, pale green color, blue fluorescence, the black pearl delivers pale red color fluorescence;The X shoots line the bottom is thin yellow fluorescence of white.Meet hydrochloric acid to rise a bubble.

Pearl in Southern Asia
Pearl in Southern Asia means to be produced to south Pacific Ocean littoral state in the waters of natural or the sea water pearl of farming, it produces a bead shell mainly for the big bead female shell or Ma Shi Bei and mainly produces a country to include Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Thai etc..Farming pearl in Southern Asia is a market to weigh a baby most currently of upscale sea water pearl source.The color of pearl in Southern Asia mainly with white fasten for lord, also have the part as golden color, but the yield is very few and estimate the yearly production is lower than a 100 kgs, mainly Be produced to an Australia,Freshwater pearl Burma and Malaysia etc. country.

The tower is rare to lift black pearl
The tower is rare to lift black pearl(Tahiti, and then translate river ground black pearl in Chengkong University), mainly from Be distributed to southern latitudes 0~20?, East longitude 150?~180?The black Die shell of the waters of near square production, among them very the part comes from the group of islands that constitutes tofrom the coral reef of become water marsh in.The natural black pearl about appears by 18th century and once suffered the artificial disaster of severity in 19th century.Start an artificial farming at the beginning of 60′s in 20th century, produced the first to criticize one 000 black farming pearls in 1965,South Sea pearl the tower on the market was rare to lift black pearl currently of overwhelming majority is farming pearl.

Japanese sea water farming pearl
Japan is the harbinger of modern sea water farming pearl, 90′s in 20th century ago, the Japanese sea water farming pearl was the leading role of international market, the tallest year produced sea water pearl over the 100 ts, therefore inside a period of time, the good sea water farming pearl was again called Akoya bead( the section graceful bead), mainly because at that time the farming pearl quality of Akoya in bay region in the south of Japan had better, Golden South Sea pearlat international possess the cause of great reputation on the market.

China south china sea sea water farming pearl
China south china sea sea water farming the pearl is large-scale to get into an international market is a 80′s in 20th century, the current yield has already approached the level of Japanese sea water pearl.The our country sea water farming pearl mainly the thunder state peninsula and sea south from river bank and the North Sea, Guangdong in matching of Guangxi of three second etc. ground.

Fresh water farming pearl
The fresh water pearl mainly distributes in the northern latitudes in the world 20~40 of, the fresh water pearl mainly grows in river’s river and the lake.Famous”north bead” is the representative of this kind of natural fresh water pearl on the Chinese history.Jot down according to the history cultural heritage, this kind of pearl mainly produces from lake and river of Heilongjiang river valley, as a result again have lake bead of call.Japan uses to the pearl shell of farming fresh water bead is belong to Hyriopis Schegeli of Yi shell(pond Die clam), but China use to farming fresh water pearl of mainly is the plait line hat clam(CristariaPlicata),Jewellery Manufacturerstriangle Fan clam(Hyriopsis cumingi) and carry on the back the lump beautiful clam and clam etc., the pearl cultivating by triangle Fan clam among them is worth of tallest.

Break false idea

18 martie 2011

Break false idea.

After getting married, the life really became reality many, but only continuously develop similar premarital of the romance, ordinary of the life would produce fun, then can the body flavor arrive the human life from the life tedious of happiness.Be been devoted to to life trifles everyday otherwise, will gradually make the person produce to feel sick of emotion, like this and then make”the matrimony is the grave of love” corroborated.

Learn common creation the freshman live.

Many opportunities to arrange some amusement items and exchanges feelings in the home lifes, because this not only only is the demand of consolidation and development bed and board, also in the meantime is to adjusting of busy nervous work, make people able to set free from the nervous work, with the prosperous energy and the abundant physical strength, continue to work and study.

Don’t always miss own dignity.

Husband and wife should not joke who Be getting more active, who get face etc..Because active and enthusiasm oneself is a kind of respect and dependence to the lover, if the other party laughs at with this, be not don’t know good man’s heart?

Increase harmony of sex life.

The harmonious sex life is 1 kind that enhances husband and wife’s feelings to glue to match.If the husband and wife lives in sex in had an obstacle, must look for specialized science instruction.All once would be mid-degree in pained and sufferings for several decades in the whole life otherwise.

The exactitude knows “he-man”.

Real he-man, should be since understand big righteousness, again the detail manage;Current seven feelingses are six desires and properly carry on an expression again.That kind of lack tender feeling of, cold of the man is actually the man of mental state ill-health.

Pickle take fish of man

Tribe characteristic:Cold type”pickle take fish” characteristics:The emotion is withered and dissipate of old gamey smell

They lack enthusiasm, the facial expression is apathetic;They don’t love any little animal and mention a ruthlessness affair unconcerned;They for you of the friend close relatives stop one’s ears and even connect to hear that you got sick all to just throw a to you”you go to hospital!”

In fact, they not only to you such, to their own friend family also are such, in their worlds, however have other worth concern oneself of, is all next in importance.Woman at young girl ages, probably will blindly fancy this kind of to look like very”cool” man, but will discover that the enthusiasm and concern is what importance along with own gradual maturity, who can’t hope that own another half puts over there like ice-cubes and makes all heats been as low as zero, either.

Familiar female advice:Become tofrom the ice fire

Need to be known, the woman is what water does, water can be burned heat by the fire, so want to want to find favour in chemisette’s eyes, only make oneself become tofrom the ice fire.Rather try some considerate actions that you once enjoyed, warmth once and nearby of woman, probably will discover to pass by have never acquired of big repay.

Hydrogen ball man

Tribe characteristic:Proud type”hydrogen ball” characteristics:Ego inflation, fly highly, but fly not and far

There is a kind of men in this world, the facial appearance is good, family background good, income Gao, the identity contains all top-grade position, but it happened that always standing alone, having no woman dare associate with him over a long period of time, not he livings for the playboy’s destiny, but another phrase is predominating his to lose, that be:Proud.Probably you will feel, excellent persons will have some arrogant?So please listen to their words:”I admit this world everyone is equal, but compare, I really have to be a little bit noble than you.”"I am always disdained to to dispute with woman, because all of your womans are funny blindnesses animals.”This kind of words probably listens to once twice you can’t care, but all day long appear and even also continuously mention in front of the woman whom they fall in love, who can can be subjected to?Probably money and position enjoy to let the woman at that time obey, but low three next 41 generation son, which woman can be subjected to?

Familiar female advice:Let go of a shelf

If you are unfortunate to belong to this kind of men and rather examine oneself once:Rich person very much, young and beautiful also all however tremendous several years not would not until wait solitude to the old age realize:The sense of superiorities that originally much satisfy all arrive however a women, who nearby accompany you, so, let go of a shelf from the real in the mind, learn equal act towards people.

A little bit more generous

Suggest this kind of men wants this more:The girl friend dresses beautiful, the girl friend has ambition, the girl friend is appreciated, is all my honor, so, I should much go out for her to show to put beautiful, go out to work, go out drive the opportunity for appreciating, oneself also the face have light ah!So, please a little bit more generous.

Fungi moon cake man

Tribe characteristic:Love the beguilement”fungi moon cake” characteristics:Gold and jade it the outside old cotton wool is among them

The love is love, don’t love is love not, made a woman in the outside be made a woman, clearly romantic become sex but still counterfeit purely really, toward a woman to say:”I love your one person and have no other.”Even still die not to recognize a debt after being exposed, must make a lawsuit that parents and children authenticates come just on the whole rendered speechless.

This kind of man is good at beguilement, is that the woman is deeply bad painful unique of object.The big man has to be open and aboveboard, romantic should be person it often sex, admitting can’ting die, either, on the contrary will make the woman more with deliberation treat.Romantic go to beguilement again be since romantic and mean.

Rather silent

Don’t packing again to pretend is hard, or rather remains mum, none of majority of women wishes to be seen as the fool, after all”mental reservation always lead beguilement”

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16 martie 2011

2011 rabbit year good lucks carry power

Whole luck power
The friend who was born in the year of the Monkey meets a rabbit for year, it the year Ji star, fierce star totally face, the luck certainly specially notice an officer fair the occurrence of the non- argument.To is born in the year of the Monkey of the person does a good luck hint:One is a life is settled by the form, pass through a rabbit with the good luck product of particular shape for year;Furthermore is a life is livinged by the heart, we pay attention to water Song Gua in the sky of Yi King and take it as instruction, the Song is the Song of specialized litigation and mean quarrel, rub and struggle etc. problem.This year although easily appear these problems, as long as we guide their ourselves with the Yi King water Song Gua in the sky, can definitely tide over difficult period.

Luck in making money
This year of friend that was born in the year of the Monkey the luck in making money is steady.Positive wealth at due east square, be partial to a wealth in the northeast.Better month of luck in making money is a January, in February and in Marchary, this a few months, the beard holds very personal luck in making money, easily can produce wealth.

The friend, who was born in the year of the Monkey, is a little bit smooth on the business a little bit formely, can get magnate to help each other, or the help of superior’s elder, and then have the business opportunities to can develop, this year for personal provided a good satge.But rebeled against authority this year of suspicion, should be low-key to be a person, steady work, ten thousand matters can not be strong successful in career, the in order to prevent recruits a person envy, but ask for to a disaster.The machine shoulded much strive for to make money treats kindly a friend colleague.

The friend that was born in the year of the Monkey this year of feelings has a more problem, because the red Luan star appears and forms this year and too year old mutually blunt of power, so want to more notice, use stability as the starting point of feelings, keep harmonious, would become more beneficial to oneself.

Healthy aspect
The friend that was born in the year of the Monkey healthy aspect and too the year old form a gold wood mutually the power of the gram, the gold wood mutually has and notices the bitterness of surgical operation more, the disaster of knife wound, attention health, absolutely not to do dangerous action.

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academician start

15 martie 2011

Seven Xun the academician start a business to record
76-year-old academician’s hair in the Chinese engineering, hospital two be within the reach of its research teams raises by oneself a funds, set the Big Dipper that set up science and engineering thunder section electronics information technique limited company in Peking, was engaged in an independent development navigates the industry of chip and computer terminal to turn.Company under the sistuation that only have 1,000,000 dollars investment, that year carries out production value more than 10000 dollarses 2000, the profits is more than 10000 dollarses 400.

Hair two can”go into village” start a business and founded science and engineering university in Peking to found a school 70 in the last years the teacher descend sea first river.

In 2010, the north science and engineering has 3 professor’s success”go into village” the establishment business enterprise again.The school’s set quest that set up academics joint-stock company starts showing an effect.

In the this year, in the pass village science city construction breaks ground and early have the north science and engineering to prepare to at the right moment take up this express train.

The item should not only is a high building and a group of cluster talented personses, but the wide degree of depth, system innovation that includes to investigate to the current research system, carry out attitude, independent strength for innovation for ambition.These, make the construction of science city stood to a new high that has ever had degree.

Arrive tofrom academician in the engineering hospital a company shareholder

“Hair two can the academician count unchangeable, forever station educate the forefront of the business in the research, overrun difficult situation.He is like a candle and even if stand erect rains and winds still only heat not Shuai”this is a compliment hair that spread in the science and engineering university of Peking two can of song, be named ?without the candle of regrets ?.

The many peoples all know hair two can, the university enters north China an university the faculty of engineering(science and engineering university precursor in Peking), graduation after stay work in the school by excellent result, from now on hair two can step on to offer advertising for of whole life for the radar business distance.

In 1995, hair two can win an election for academician in the Chinese engineering, hospital.The radar laboratory that he leads acquired a national invention prize 6, department class in the province great science and technology progress prize is 17.

In November, 2009, made a lifetime the hair of research two can, lead radar is close to half of people to start establishing an academics company, be engaged in conversion and industry of research result to turn.They borrow from friend to 500,000 dollars and pluses 500,000 dollars of policy reward in the school and set up science and engineering thunder section electronics information technique limited company in Peking by 1,000,000 dollars registrar’s office and exclusively is engaged in the industry that the Big Dipper of independent development navigates chip and computer terminal to turn.

“2010 that year this company completed the production value of 20,000,000 dollars, the profits was more than 10000 dollarses 400, in the near future under way capital increase and ownership of a share of company encourage, the New Year’s Day ex- school party Wei will have already granted the ownership of a share of that company to encourage a project.”The science and engineering university vice-president of school, Yang Shu Xing , of Peking says.

The reporter understands, science and engineering university in Peking did enough “inside achievement” and built to have to register and finally carry out the whole process cooperation terrace that science and technology result industry turns from the company.

The school puts forward, the teacher supports an establishment business enterprise with job science and technology result, school can will with technique result 50% of share that property shares praise personal to the teacher.On top of that, the school encourages the horizontal research budget that the teacher uses surplus and establish an academics the companies carry on a research result conversion, and praise 60% to the teacher personal.

Most make person happy of is encourage in the company ownership of a share this time in, at the beginning from more than 20 teachers of company that radar joins, everybody acquired company share, the everyone got real benefit.

And hair two can also satisfy very much, because he and all research results of his team in, have already nearly had 30% to start industry turning, service national defense, Be brought benefit to to a people.In the future, his for use by the military radar technique for developing will still just high speed railway etc. use in the track circuit.

Yang Shu Xing said while accepting a reporter to cover:”From school and research hospital to say, everyone always starts having 2 to worry, 1 are a stateowned property how handle, the another is a teacher to do a business enterprise at the outside will influence research work in the school.But, hair two can establish the solid instance of company clear, his business enterprise not only carried out the production value and income of more than 10000 dollars 2000 last year, that year got into the research budget of finance in the school to also increase 55%.The natural fund item that the company team’s application acquires, had a college half above, the SCI thesis announces an amount to also have half in the whole hospital.The fact proves that hair two can the academics of the team company, not only make the research budget high speed growth, and extensively transfered the researcher’s research aggressive.”

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woman isn’t like

11 martie 2011

The woman isn’t like a riddle that the solution does open forever and always makes the man feel helpless.Recently, the “science spot” net in the United States tallied up the female’s 9 characteristicses and reminded that the man has to understand.

The age is more old to more love an adventure.The man will more and more think greatly of feelings along with the growth of age, but the woman is more and more interested in adventure.The old-age female is full of a new desire to the life, full of and adventurous spirit.

It is twice”puberty” from cradle to the grave.Woman at 40 many year old want to experience the second-time”puberty”-menopause.It usually begins from 43 years old, at 78 years old attain high peak.In addition to menstruation disharmony nighttime perspire a lot, also very irascibility.

The brain is subjected to pregnant influence.8 weeks of female pregnancy front, Huang Ti Tong increases 3000%.The pregnancy can not only stabilize female emotion, but also help to sleep to feel so much.

Easily lose “sex” interest.Female sexual appetite than the male alter is influenced.In a bad humor, pregnancy, look after a kid and extremely Be canned influence its sexual appetite by etc.s.

Don’t like to work out a problem with the fist.The man habitually settles dispute with”fist”.But research expresses, the female inclines toward more a processing problem by”convert enemy into friend”.

The accompanying you is her biggest fun

You are playing ball, she also likes to sit a present side and listens to MP3, a words all don’t say, the performance for following you closely, although she doesn’t like ball movement.You of happy of time, she really thinks to nearby see the appearance that you smile at you.At the time that you lost, she and at that time comforted you by the side of you and wanted to break head to want to help you.

You sit up to arrive very late, her QQ or msn accompany you together bright.If you logged out and registered again a to see, her head was like dark.Do you know?Her cook’s arriving is just waiting you.This is her fun.

She can’t always request you to concede first

The boy wants atmosphere and forgives and compromises to often need to show to come out.In feelings, having a little the antinomy is normal, whet even everyone’s wound always also need a person is a concession, this is the best way that gets rid of a misunderstanding.Want, is be not she can’t always request you to concede first and Be just she to habitually use some skills for acting in pettish, very careful but again sincere of, pardon beg you, returning can request to her what.

In her eyes, you of is good

Don’t pass any living space that the information that has something to do with you integrate into you, friend’s turn.The friend that become friends with you, the chain takes office where the friend’s page of your space message and reads the movie and book that you like and go to the restaurant that you like and strolls the brand store that you like, even in an awkward manner mimicry you appreciate of opposite sex type.She isn’t not enough well, but want to become better, suit you more, more easily get you of approbation and endorse.

She will cover up for you

Sometimes spoiling is also right, she adheres to the Qian rule of “the bad matter doesn’t go out” at least.Still remember her and your family, classmate or friend together of time, that kind of is thin the business of number or indirect way clear your weakness, in no case will speak from her, which afraid just fun.

Because there is the love to you, to you of loyalty, she may feel your some time do so and so don’t to, but she still will think the square tries the face that needs for your man of foot and help you dozen circle field, seek a step bottom for you, insolates happiness, says you of well.

The ancients early has the view of “the woman is like clothes” and also well embody of the attraction of the female lord person’s degree, embodied the hardships of love more.If is above circumstance, so congratulate you, you got piece”brand clothes”, Be worth worshiping, prostrate un worship.

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American diplomat

9 martie 2011

The American diplomat prelects medium criticize people Japanese officials in Okinawa to request to apologize
Okinawa County, Japan knows that the matter Zhong well true Hong waits officials more, the fieriness attacks a bias that the United States is ex- to halt a Japanese diplomat to announce for Okinawa speech and intends to look for this officials to take back a speech on the 7th and make an apology.

Prelect medium batch Okinawa people

Cause people dissatisfied U.S. officia in Okinawa to be named Kevin Ma E, 56 years old, serve as the United States to halt Okinawa consul-general for 2006-2009 years, at present serve as an American State Department, Japan everywhere long.

At the request of beautiful benefit hard university in capital city Washington, the United States, Ma E last year December 3 in order to prepare to leave for Tokyo, Japan and the student that short date in Okinawa study abroad to prelect, speak about oneself to experience in the work of Japan and to the viewpoint of Japan.

Common agency in Japan cites several students classroom notes report way, Ma E is in the process of prelecting in criticize people”lazy must even the bitter gourds would not like to grow” in Okinawa.

Speak about the Pu base in the sky of American solider who Be located on the halting of proper wild living quarter in the gulf City in Okinawa County day, Ma E says, people in Okinawa have been enouncing Pu for sky the base is the “the most dangerous” airport in the world, but in fact be not so return to matter.Fukuoka and the public airport in Osaka equally close to residents’ area, the Pu base in the sky unlike these two airports are more dangerous.

Ma E says that county government in Okinawa and people is again and again opposes moving a plan inside the base county, the purpose gets hold of more money from the Japanese government hand.He call”be good at bilking and blackmail Japanese government of good hand” to people in Okinawa.

The Japanese officials request to apologize

Ma E’s speech causes people strong disaffection in Okinawa County.Okinawa County knows matter Zhong well really says on the 7th, the words”let me query the meaning that the United States halts existence in Okinawa consular post” said by Ma E.

The county assembly councilman of some Okinawa says that the parliament will adopt a resolution on the 8th and request Ma E to take back the speech made combine apology.That Ba city assembly in Okinawa County’s anticipating will be adopting a similar resolution for same days.

Japanese officer building the superior and the foreign affairs big minister is wild male luckily on the 8th on the Upper House budget committee, rebuke the bias speech that the U.S. officia aims at Japanese people.

Is wild to say on that day:”If the affair belongs to actually, then hurts feelings in Okinawa and whole day this people and makes the person hard to is tolerant of.”He thinks that”the United States is studying how should to this affairs” probably soon will do an explanation.

Defend the big minister north Ze handsome United States says, if the speech is true, “that completely fools people in Okinawa, very make person sorry”.

The student’s classroom notes”not the integrity is also incorrect” defense for Ma E to accepts common agency interview says how oneself beyond control student reads his speech, .

However, listen to lesson the student declare categorically take note to belong to actually.A student says that he unexpectedly will announce this kind of speech that is full of prejudice to feel surprised to an American officials of the government.

The United States halted the embassy in day to announce to declare on the 7th, Ma E’s words didn’t represent an American government position, “the American government respect Okinawa and local people very much

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pox prints a grade

8 martie 2011

The pox prints a grade choice to print a method point to review to the pox
1.Fair product:

The most simple method is to use some fair products more, each big brand of fair the liquid, fair emergency mask washing noodles milk and fair essence is an all quite good choice.The principle comes up to say this products are the all the most simple curves to save a country and pass fair fade black to attain to downplay the function that the pox prints,

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The product is numerous on the market, the suggestion chooses to purchase to before and first check once related news.The fair product suitable entry-level pox prints.

2.Vitamin E and ginger slice:

The friend recommends some slices or Wei E used ginger to outside use to print place in the pox on the net, these two methods printed to especially just produce to the pox of the pox prints to still have certain effect.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The Wei E may block a hair bag very much also consequently cause pimple of once again abrupt, or cause the creation of fat grain because the skin can not completely absorb, so easily big slice of friend who grows a pimple must be careful.

3.Light son|colourful light delicate skin:

Light the son delicate skin(Taiwan is again called pulse light) print to the pox and the effect of the Ba of pox is only all very obvious, and pass the son delicate skin treatment and not only print to the pox and the Ba of pox have a certain improvement and all have a very obvious improvement to bloody silk, pore bulky etc.s.Only the son delicate skin current price from 1500-6000 treat a distance each time the etc. generally treat a distance to divide 4-6 treatments each time not, 21 day once, usually after a treatment that treats a distance, the skin will adjust to a better appearance, but many friends who once did respond light son delicate skin effect general time that can maintain around half year.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:Generally speaking prints to lighter pox and the Ba of pox is a treat a distance can take of quite good effect, but the treatment that treats a distance of many more serious possible demands.Parts of users once responded light the son delicate skin easily causes skin allergic, this hasn’t researched, but also wants the adequacy to notice.

4.Household-use type pulse light instrument:

It is look like with the light son delicate skin on the principle, the function is also basic same, print to the pox, the Ba, bloody silk and skin of pox all have better improvement function over oil, hair follicle bulky etc.s.

Of so alone put forward come is because the household-use pulse only compares light the son delicate skin have more advantages:Price cheapness, with everyone will worship more”motion brilliance hairdressing massage instrument” in the near future for example, the selling price is about 1600 and still cannot compare with many light the son delicate skin of half price, but can use over a long period of time, more substantial on the price;The function is abundant, many friends in addition to the pox prints still has the harassment that the chaperonage has pimple and pore bulky etc. problem, household-use type pulse light the instrument can have a certain improvement to these problems;Its safety is finally a little bit count for much, household-use type the pulse not only allergic sex skin of simply wanting to compare the son delicate skin to only is much moderate can use, and to some extent can also in aid of repair of this skin.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The household-use pulse light instrument also has its weakness, that is to take effect slowly and generally need to be used for three months or above would have more obvious effect, this is the to the friend of big parts of quick-tempereds likely to be not small test.

5.The tartaric acid changes a skin:

The tartaric acid changes the tartaric acid peeling off aging periostracum of the skin usage high density, the renewal speed of the acceleration upper level epidermis cell, solve a pox to print thus, Ba and pore of pox are thin bulky, crease etc. a series of problem, especially print to have better improvement effect to the pox of shallow layer.Because the tartaric acid changes a skin operation ascend opposite more simple, the tartaric acid on the market changes a skin product currently a lot of, even have many brands also releasing household-use tartaric acid to change a skin series product, bait of beautiful woman suggests everyone or goes to each big beauty salon or hospital to do tartaric acid to change a skin, because of high density tartaric acid operation very easy creation side effect.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:Although tartaric acid product with taking effect is quickly effective but Zhao said, tartaric acid product the usage may cause horniness to become thin to cause allergy, bloody silk thus very much over a long period of time of etc. is various linger effect, therefore using a tartaric acid product to still need over a long period of time is careful.Generally speaking the tartaric acid changes a skin demand to treat distance more several month treatments then can get rid of the Ba of pox, price from treat a distance each time several hundred to several thousand don’t wait.The tartaric acid changes a skin to the initial stage and medium the pox of shallow layer print the Ba of pox over a long period of time effective.

6.The microlite whets to pare:

The microlite whets to pare is keep on jet microlite’s grain at the skin surface through a and clean surface layer cell through the function of being similar to”the sand paper dozen whets” and stimulate horniness cell and collagen thus rebirth, attain the function of cleaning the Cuo scab scar and small crease.The microlite pares to whet to have better improvement function to the Ba of opposite deeper pox, this is its very great advantage.

Currently microlite’s paring to whet has already been more and more accepted by everyone, many beauty salons also release service like this, the price is in 2000-10000 dollars|treat a distance not to wait.Want to remind everyone here, but the microlite pares to whet to operate a personnel to have very tall request to the instrument and specially and easily produce some badly reaction, everyone chooses that the microlite musted choose that the regular big hospital carries on while paring to whet.

The bait of beautiful woman point reviews:The microlite had to carry on under the sistuation that not grow a pimple while paring to whet, the process might slightly have ache and pared to whet an early face to contain certain influence, love of beauty of must think first before the MMs do clear.The microlite pares grinding another great weakness is very suddenly to produce dye calm and steady, therefore pare and whet and defend and bask and maintain a work and consequently seem to be count for much behind.The microlite whets to pare to medium deeper pox print the Ba of pox over a long period of time effective.

French poll result

7 martie 2011

The French poll result vibrates government and people president the Sa section is strange to cannot compare with the rightest politician
According to the British broadcasting company(BBC) report way, opinion poll result suggests, France the rightest floor leader Ma Lin the Lei is huge(Marine Le Pen) to win the head of next year’s presidential election round victory and vibrate French government and people.

The poll that is started by French newspaper Le Parisien suggests that take over a father to let this January-Ma Lin the huge Lei become Ma Lin of”citizen’s line of battle” party leader the Lei is huge, its vote is led to a rest candidate.She got 23% votes, compare president the Sa section is strange to leader Martine with socialist party Aubry all Gao 2 percentage points.

French presidential election in 2002, let-Ma Lin the Lei Be huge to lead in the head round, just at time round rout in hope to pull a gram.But poll data indicate that let-Ma Lin poll support of the huge Lei lead the current support rate of Gao Guo his daughter never.

France is partial to the newspaper of winning the left wing ?the liberation report ?report way said, “poll after, the politicians at careful is as hesitant as of dismay”.

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racial discrimination

4 martie 2011

Add the benefit second promise racial discrimination words and actions the apology will face to throw into prison and penal sum
According to The Xinhua news agency electricity France well-known vogue brand Chris Ting Di Ao company former designer John of chief add the benefit second promise to be suspected of the words and actions apology of racial discrimination for he or she on the 2nd.He was fired by Di Ao companies a day ago, at present was just investigated by police, probably the this week end appeared at court.

Add the benefit second promise on the 2nd through admire Bo Er and Liu Yi Si’s law firm release to extend apology a pronouncement especially:”I without any reservation apologize for my words and actions.”However, add the benefit second promise says, he “complete” denies concerning he’s words and actions is suspected of the accusation of racial discrimination and calls the racial discrimination”at our societies didn’t have a foothold of ground”, but”I admit, aim at my accusation to make public shocked with annoyed, I have to undertake a responsibility”.He says that oneself positive”look for a help” with rectifies personal mistake.

The Di Ao company declares to dismiss to add the benefit second promise on the 1st and calls that his words and actions presents “make the person hate of man’s natural character”.Parisian autumn winter fashionable dresses week have already drawn back a purdah currently, the series demonstration of Di Ao will hold at the tomorrow.Not a few vogue field personages guess and add the benefit second promise to”be unemployeed”, will receive shadow the Di Ao series demonstration.A luxury goods related website initiates person, Susan, , gram in Taba says, the demonstration of Di Ao will up, people originally should pay attention to a vogue new product that the on the stage displays, now but may change direction a topic to add the benefit second promise.The vogue field Er card of analyst, Lu Ka Suo, says, though adding the benefit second promise has already walked person, the Di Ao company may reserve his name of”artist” and continue to hold a demonstration meeting, “this also proceed from as to it’s he demonstration meeting the staff member’s respect”.

Another according to Reuter’s report way, police in capital city Paris, France is beginning to investigate this case.The prosecutor released to declare on the 2nd, adding the benefit second promise would try at court to June in April.Once the criminal charges establishes, he will face 6s to throw into prison for the tallest month and 22,500 euros(about USD 31,000) penal sum.

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